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Introduction and Background

located in New York City. B&B is a management services company that provided back office and

operational support to Babbo, Del Posto and Lupa. The back-office services include payroll,

accounting, human resources, marketing and IT services (B&B, Babbo, Del Posto and Lupa

collectively referred to as “B&B Respondents”). At present, only Babbo and Lupa remain in


by Bastianich and Batali.

and Lupa. After this date, ownership structures changed, with Bastianich still maintaining

substantial ownership in each restaurant.

March 16, 2020, and at that time all staff was laid off. In May 2020, Lupa began to bring back

employees as pandemic restrictions eased, and in November 2020, Babbo did the same. In or

around April 2021, Del Posto was acquired by new owners and it is no longer owned or operated

by Bastianich.

publicized during the height of the MeToo movement against sexual violence and assault. Current

and former employees alleged that Respondents fostered a sexualized culture of misconduct and

harassment at their restaurants in New York City including Babbo, Lupa and Del Posto. The OAG

then commenced an investigation of the Respondents.

1. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Babbo, Del Posto and Lupa were restaurants

2. Prior to March 5, 2019, Babbo, Del Posto and Lupa were each owned, in large part,

3. On or about March 5, 2019, Batali divested ownership interest in Babbo, Del Posto,

4. All three restaurants were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on or about

5. In late 2017, multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Mario Batali were





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