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Riverdale’s New Trailer Is Full Of Questions Englishheadline

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“Archie goes to war, Betty joins the FBI, Jughead becomes a writer, and Veronica gets married…”

Alright, so every once in a while something from Riverdale goes viral on Twitter and everyone who doesn’t watch this show weekly is like ??????

I personally DO watch this show weekly and I personally am also like ????? all the time, but that hasn’t deterred me yet and I will never quit it.

So, anyway, right now everyone’s talking about this absolutely bonkers trailer for the remainder of Season 5, which is set 7 years in the future after the crew’s high school graduation.

‘RIVERDALE’ Season 5 will now be set 7 years into the future where Archie goes to war, Betty joins the FBI, Jughead becomes a writer and Veronica gets married.

Twitter: @DiscussingFilm

Ah, yes, the four personality types: War, FBI, writer, and married.

Anyway, here are all the questions I have about this trailer, as someone who has watched every single episode of this show:


Jughead starts by telling us Archie was in a war…but what the heck war was this and why does he look like an extra in Dunkirk???




Why did the “war” take place on a high school football field?


Like, I’m not hallucinating? That’s a goal post right??? Is this…color war???


Live footage of Archie being as confused as I am:


Not a question. Just a statement.


Why is published author Jughead Jones, the literary voice of a generation, so MAD?


Why did Veronica marry a punchable man named Chadwick?


Did the Riverdale costume department get an amazing deal on gray crewneck sweatshirts this year???


Okay, and now I cannot emphasize this strongly enough…WHAT. IN. THE. FUCK. HAPPENED. TO. BETTY?


Hasn’t she been through enough???? Was the serial killer dad and serial killer brother and the organ-harvesting cult that tried to lobotomize her and her boyfriend’s fake murder and the time she and her mom killed a guy NOT ENOUGH??? No, now she needs to deal with THIS?


I’m 100% serious all of those things happened and more.


In the future she’s suffering from the trauma of being trapped in a hole by a chainsaw-wielding man????? Without ever being able to address the trauma of all the things I just mentioned above???


But she is also officially in the FBI now? Is she in the Law and Order: Serial Killer Unit? SKU coming to NBC this spring???


And, finally, how does Archie STILL manage to say the absolute worst thing every time he opens his mouth?

In conclusion:

You could tell me anything about this show and I would believe it

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