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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Skilled in Strategy (and Grudges), Top Biden Adviser to Depart White House

WASHINGTON — For the past 17 months, since shaking up his campaign after an embarrassing fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Joseph R....

House to Vote to Allow More Afghans Interpreters to Immigrate to the U.S.

With Afghans who helped the U.S. military facing threats from the Taliban as American troops withdraw from the country, the House on Thursday...

Tom Brady Jokes About Election Results as Buccaneers Visit White House

But as of Monday, White House officials could not say for sure if he planned to attend.Mr. Brady missed several presidential team visits...

White House Dispute Exposes Facebook Blind Spot on Misinformation

“The suggestion we haven’t put resources toward combating Covid misinformation and supporting the vaccine rollout is just not supported by the facts,” said...

House Passes Bills to Bolster Scientific Research, Breaking With Senate

WASHINGTON — The House on Monday passed two bipartisan bills aimed at bolstering research and development programs in the United States, setting up...

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