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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Kaseya, the tech firm hit by ransomware, gets the key to unlock its customers’ data.

Kaseya, the Miami-based company at the center of a ransomware attack on hundreds of businesses over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, said...

REvil, Hacking Group Behind Major Ransomware Attack, Disappears

The second theory is that Mr. Putin ordered the group’s sites taken down. If so, that would be a gesture toward heeding Mr....

Biden Warns Putin to Act Against Russian Ransomware Group

Friday’s call came only three weeks after the onslaught of ransomware attacks dominated their first summit, in Geneva. Immediately after that meeting, Mr....

Attempted Hack of R.N.C. and Russian Ransomware Attack Test Biden

Russian hackers are accused of breaching a contractor for the Republican National Committee last week, around the same time that Russian cybercriminals launched...

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