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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Chaos Spreads Outside Kabul Airport as Taliban Try to Control Crowds

Chaos erupted outside Kabul’s international airport on Wednesday as thousands of people tried to make their way there to flee Afghanistan. The sound...

How Local Media Spreads Misinformation From Vaccine Skeptics

One radio show that appears to have been part of that effect is Coast to Coast AM, which is syndicated on 640 local...

As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger

As coronavirus cases resurge across the country, many inoculated Americans are losing patience with vaccine holdouts who, they say, are neglecting a civic...

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Rise as Delta Variant Spreads

Reports of new coronavirus cases are rising again across the United States, a discouraging trend fueled by the spread of the Delta variant...

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