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17 Funny And Heartfelt Adele Moments #englishheadline #Funny #Heartfelt #Adele #Moments

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My personal favorite internet beef is Peppa Pig vs. Adele.

Last week, Adele kicked ~Sad Girl Autumn~ up a notch and released her highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30.

Of course, it’s an incredible, heartfelt album that I personally cannot stop listening to. So in celebration of the absolute icon that she is, let’s take a look back at 17 of Adele’s very best moments:


When she was identifying classic British dishes while blindfolded and got understandably excited:


When she shared the special thing she always carries with her in her bag — Heinz ketchup packets:


When she answered this pressing question on her Instagram Live:


When she was an absolute trooper on The Ellen Show, where Ellen was telling her what to do/say in this Jamba Juice:


When she spoke about how her year eight English teacher — Miss McDonald — inspired her…and then Miss McDonald surprised her onstage:


…and then when she made Alan Carr come up and sing “Make You Feel My Love” so she could get her makeup fixed.

I highly recommend you watch the whole heartwarming clip for yourself below, or read about it here.

We all have that one teacher who changed our life… such a beautiful reunion! ❤️

*PS, would totally buy Alan Carr’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love* 🤣

@Adele #AnAudienceWithAdele https://t.co/2ZZI2RS0mI

Twitter: @ITV


When she shut down this interviewer who suggested Ed Sheeran’s album might be competition:


When she was asked about her prized possession and brought out this gem:


When she was having the time of her life during an interview with this voice-changing app (and STILL sounded amazing):


When she explained how she broke her Grammy for Beyoncé:


When she had the perfect explanation for why she’s not personally on Twitter:


When she explained why she’s not making “TikTok” music:


When she was an absolute icon and went undercover in a group of Adele impersonators:


When she was the biggest Ted Lasso fan and started fangirling back and forth with Hannah Waddingham during An Audience With Adele:


When she was hilariously honest about her son’s musical abilities:


When she was the chillest celebrity on “Carpool Karaoke”:


And finally, when she surprised us all by effortlessly rapping “Monster”:

We have no choice but to stan! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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