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18 Things That We Did As Students That Felt Normal At The Time, But Are Actually Kind Of Odd #englishheadline #Students #Felt #Normal #Time #Kind #Odd

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Why were we so obsessed with the idea of our teachers hooking up?


Had an unhealthy obsession with drawing dicks on everything.

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Tables, library books, bathrooms stalls – you name it, it probably had penises on it. 


Covered school exercise books in wrapping paper.

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Why did we do this? And more importantly, why did no one question why we were doing this?


Turned up in your best clothes on the first day of term.

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If you went to a non-uniform school, the first day of term was always an opportunity for you to unleash your inner fashionista. You would pick out your finest clothes and stunt on your classmates all day (even if you looked like trash for the rest of the year). 


Walked past your friend’s classroom and tried to distract them through the window.

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Walking down the school corridor and spotting your friend in a classroom was one of life’s greatest pleasures, and making funny faces at them through the door was practically tradition.


Attempted to get out of PE by accidentally-on-purpose leaving your kit at home.

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You probably tried every excuse under the sun to get out of PE – including purposely leaving your kit at home, but chances are you were forced to wear old, sweaty lost property instead…


Came up with ridiculous excuses as to why you hadn’t done your homework.

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“Sorry Sir, my neighbour’s best friend’s brother-in-law’s tortoise was on the loose and I had to help look for it.”


Posted cringe Facebook statuses about every minor thing that happened at school.

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You really had to be there. 


Tried to smuggle pads out of the classroom without anyone noticing.

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It really felt like the world would come to an end if someone saw your pad and found out that you were on your period. So you most likely hid them in your bra, shoved them up your sleeve, or took your bag with you and prayed to God that no one noticed. 


Made it your life purpose to prove that certain teachers were hooking up.

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There were always those teachers that had a little too much chemistry to just be colleagues and some of us became a little too invested in their love lives. With hindsight, it was absolutely none of our business but it certainly felt like it at the time.  


And tried to get into the staffroom by any means necessary.


Finding any excuse to knock on the staffroom door to see if you could catch a glimpse of the secret world of teachers was my all-time favourite hobby. What were they doing in there? What were they talking about? And why was it all so hush hush?! 


Wrote boobless/boobies on your calculator at every opportunity and laughed for hours at your brilliance.

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You can’t tell me this wasn’t peak comedy back in the day.


Hoarded the McDonald’s bus vouchers like your life depended on it.

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And momentarily became the most popular kid in class when you dished out your spares.


Took tactical sick days to avoid your least favourite class.

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Let’s be honest, who hasn’t faked an illness for an entire day just to avoid a class or a homework hand-in? 


Spent more time deliberating over WordArt fonts than the actual task at hand.


Clearly, there’s such a thing as too much choice. 


Distributed chewing gum in class like it was a Class A drug.


If someone spotted you with chewing gum, you really had no choice but to become the classroom supplier. And handing it out without getting caught was no easy feat.


And paid older kids who could leave the school grounds to buy you snacks.

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When school dinners just weren’t cutting it, bribing an older student to head to the shops and buy your favourite snacks was really the only option. As painful as it was handing over your pocket money, it was worth it every time. 


Asked teachers about their personal lives during class to get out of doing work.


The more they talk, the less time there is to do work – everybody wins! 


Used MASH to predict your future.

Ivy Richardson / BuzzFeed

And believing your fate was completely sealed. If MASH said you were going to live in a shack, then you were going to live in a shack – I don’t make the rules. 


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