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45 My Hero Academia Characters Ranked From Worst To Best #englishheadline #Hero #Academia #Characters #Ranked #Worst

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If this list isn’t PLUS ULTRA then I don’t know what is.

After re-watching My Hero Academia to get my girlfriend caught up, I was reminded about the vast amount of characters that have helped shape this show. Although not all get the same shine as others, for obvious reasons, there are still plenty that made an impression on me. I tried to take as many of the characters that I felt were relevant to the show and put them in order.


So, of course, I must offer fair warning of 🚨Spoilers🚨. If you must, turn away and come back after you’ve watched the show. Still here? Good. Let’s get this list started.  


Minoru Mineta


I was contemplating even putting him on the list, but he does provide a character that we all know we hate. It’s a formula used in a lot of animes where there has to be one “good guy” that we ultimately can’t stand. His pervy and cowardly ways keep us from ever really enjoying his screen time. Although there are moments of some courage, most times he’s a sour grape. 


Toru Hagakure


Hagakure, like a lot of her classmates, doesn’t get too much shine during the show, but she does have some funny moments. Unfortunately, her quirk is being invisible so she literally and figuratively isn’t seen much of the time. 


Koji Koda


A sweet shy type that has a unique quirk but unfortunately is a side character who doesn’t get a lot to say. Which was his appeal in the first season, but once people realized he could talk the show never gave him much else to say. 




As principal of U.A., we’ve only seen Nezu when it comes to events at the school, but his actions in the final exam showed why he’s in the position he is. He is a very involved educator and shows all his staff and students the respect they deserve… what’s not to like?


Best Jeanist


His transformation of Katsuki made him an immediate favorite, as the counterbalance of their personalities made for some great interactions. His loss to All For One was horrible, to say the least, as we’re still unsure if he was killed that night or taken somewhere to be experimented on. Nothing will get the terror in his eyes out of my mind. 


Rikido Sato


As the Class 1-A designated baker, Sato’s “Sugar Rush” quirk allows him to have super strength and speed, but at the cost of being sleepy after all the sugar in his body is burned by his quirk. Like many of the other Class 1-A students, the dorm room competition showed more of his personality. But he, like many others, doesn’t get enough screen time to have him ranked higher. 


Neito Monoma


Monoma can at times be as annoying as Minoru, but luckily Kendo is there to keep him in check and knock him unconscious when he starts his rant. His quirk is definitely one to pay attention to and they’ve already established he could be someone to contest with some of the top students in the future. 


Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu


Mr. two first names came on strong with his hot-headed ways, especially in the face of Katsuki, but he really stood out when he battled Eljiro and had their similar quirks go toe to toe. Although he ended up losing that showdown, his instant comradery with Kirishima and his knockout of Mustard gave a good example of the kind of pro hero he will be. 




As Eri’s oppressor and torturer, Overhaul proved to be every bit of a horrible villain as possible for the fourth season. His quirk was something we hadn’t seen yet and it made for an amazing fight between him, Izuku, and Mirio. His loss to Izuku was an amazing battle, but Shigaraki taking away his quirk by decaying his hands was karma in his best form after the atrocities he committed to countless —people but most of all Eri. 


All For One


There are many reasons why All For One is so terrifying. Whether it’s the fact that his quirk allows him to steal and give quirks to others, or that he seemingly is willing to take a life with no mercy, he is the epitome of bad. With Shigaraki in line to succeed him, I wonder if in the end, he is willing to actually let go of his power as the top villain or if there’s some other plan that not even his pupil knows about.




Dabi’s sleepy look is creepy, especially combined with the rotting flesh look he wears, but it’s his willingness to just burn anybody around him at moment’s notice that makes him the terrifying villain he is. There’s bound to be some backstory revealed in the future as the manga has shown his true identity and man is it good. Can’t wait to see it on screen. 


Himiko Toga


Her cheerful personality and sadistic tendencies make for the perfect villain. Her quirk “Transform” allows her to become anybody whose blood she’s ingested, which just adds to her villainy. The latest villain arc has shown us a little more of the vulnerable sides to these brutes, and specifically Himiko’s compassionate side for Twice which was refreshing to see. 




With the latest reveal that Kurogiri is the experimented corpse of Eraser Head and Present Mic’s best friend, I am excited to see how that affects his story moving on.  His appearance at U.A. showed just how dangerous his “Warp Gate” quirk was by quickly defeating pro hero Thirteen, though I am curious if he will be freed from his imprisonment as Tomura always thought of him as a great ally for the League of Villains.  


Present Mic


As U.A.’s official announcer, Present Mic makes every event worth watching with his silly commentating at times. He is usually an eccentric who tries to bring everybody up to his level of excitement, but we also get to see a part of his rage as he discovers the truth about Kurogiri.




Stain made his debut as the hero killing baddie, but it was his battle with Shoto, Izuku, and Tenya that showed not only how he was able to defeat so many heroes but also the thought behind it. Like many anti-heroes, they start off as a bad guy who is capable of good things. In his case, he does a lot of bad before doing the one good in rescuing Izuku from a Nomu. 




Twice, like many of the villains in the show, didn’t have too much backstory until recently. His devotion to his comrades, in particular Himiko, showed just how close these villains have gotten over time. The fact that he also isn’t sure if he’s the original man or just a clone that he’s created was a great twist on his story. 


Gran Torino


The old sensei who demands a lot from his student is nothing new, but it’s always welcoming to see another version of it that works. His faking being senile when he first meets Midoriya made for great laughs, but it was his skill in battle that really earned my excitement. 


Itsuka Kendo


When she’s not rendering Monoma unconscious, Kendo has shown to be more than just Class 1-B’s big sister. Her fight against Mustard not only gave us some great scenes of her skills in real battle, but also showed just how much she cares for her fellow 1-B classmates. 


Mezo Shoji


Shoji’s “Dupli-arms” quirk allows for him to hear and see better than other classmates, as well as having some extra strength for combat. His intimidating appearance might have you fooled, but he’s actually very friendly and willing to team up with anyone. He just doesn’t have enough shine to make it higher on the list. 


Mashirao Ojiro


Integrity and honor seem to be very important to Ojiro as he forfeits moving on in the U.A. Sports Festival due to Hitoshi’s mind control during one of the games. This shows the lengths he will go to keep his honor intact, and I love it. 


Hanta Sero


With his friendly personality, it’s no wonder Sero is always smiling and socializing with his fellow classmates. His “Tape” quirk allows for some interesting fight scenes and Spider-Man-like swinging —but he’s another victim of not having enough background on-screen. 


Hitoshi Shinso


Shinso’s back story was pretty inspiring, seeing as he has a villainous look to him and his quirk “Brainwashing” isn’t something you’d think for a hero to have. But with all that, he’s still determined to become a hero. It’s a great take on a kid who could easily be a very dangerous villain but decides to use his quirk to help people and damn if that didn’t win me over. He had more appearances later in the series, which I hope means we get to see him face-off against some of the villains that the other students have fought. 


Nejire Hado


Nejire’s curious and talkative personality along with her “Wave Motion ” makes for some great interaction with students and villains alike. She hasn’t dealt with as much adversity as the likes of Mirio and Tamaki, but I am hoping to see more of her story in the future. 


Yugo Aoyama


Yugo had some fabulous moments on-screen, and has been in touch with where his quirk stands amongst some of the top students. This luckily doesn’t stop him from trying to be on par with his classmates, which has given us some great moments when Class 1-A is in battle. 


Mina Ashido


This acid-wielding student has the dance moves and excitement to light up anybody’s day. If only there was more story to her, I feel there would be more interest like of Momo, Tsu, or Ochaco.




It was tragic to see the loss of such a dope character since we didn’t get too much time with him in the show. Luckily in that short time, we got to see his “Foresight” quirk on display but also why he and All Might had their falling out —he believed Mirio was the better candidate for his One For All quirk. Nothing broke my heart more to see his pupil Mirio plead with him to live as he slowly drifted away in the hospital. His short stint on the show was an impactful one, to say the least. 


Tamaki Amajiki


As a part of U.A.’s “Big Three”, Tamaki has shown why he deserves to be in that elite group even if his social skills say otherwise. His “Manifest” quirk along with his fight IQ has shown why he’s an amazing hero in the making. 


Kyoka Jiro


With her punk rock look and Ear-phone Jacks, it was no surprise Kyoka ended up being a killer singer and musician. Her ability to not only hear opponents, but also immobilize them with her vibrations is pretty cool. However, what I like the most is her dynamic with Denki, as she usually is roasting him for something he said. 


Denki Kaminari


Denki, like Eljiro and Hanta, adds great laughs to the series. He especially brings a smile to my face after he uses his “Electrification” quirk which literally dumbs him down to a neanderthal who just likes throwing thumbs up over and over again with this blank smile on his face. I can’t get that image out of my head. 


Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage has one of the coolest quirks out of the class with his “Dark Shadow” being somewhat of a Jekyll/Hyde type persona depending on how much control he has. Although he is pretty intimidating to his classmates in the beginning, they quickly learn his willingness to always help his comrades and further his skills to catch up to the other top students. 




With a carefree attitude, the number two pro hero has not only shown why he’s ranked so high, but also why he was chosen to spy on the League of Villians. His skill not only in combat but to play it cool in the face of danger has really been on display as of late. The next season seems to be setting up a big battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, which I can’t wait to see. 


Momo Yaoyorozu


With her “Creation” quirk being one of my favorites —it highlights her genius intellect but also shows off her combat skills in some of the weapons she creates. I loved her arc so far, especially after being teamed up with Shoto and having to gain confidence in her skills to complete the task against their teacher Mr. Aizawa.  


Tomura Shigaraki


There’s a reason why All For One chose Shigaraki as his successor, he has the ultimate quirk for destruction and has shown in his latest battle with Redestro just how much damage he can inflict on a grand scale. His tragic backstory gave us insight into why he’s become the monster he is, and as the newly chosen leader of the Paranormal Liberation Army, the future seems bleak as there are bound to be casualties.


Tsuyu Asui


You would think that with a quirk like “Frog” you would see a girl who might be insecure about herself or feel like an outcast but Tsu is the opposite, she is very confident in her abilities and knows exactly what she brings to the table. She saves Izuku and her fellow classmates on several occasions, and has a personality that is straight to the point which I love also. 


Ochaco Uraraka


The growth we get to experience with Ochaco has been great to see. She’s gone from this laid back bubbly girl with little confidence in her skills to an aspiring hero. The fact that the show has held off on making her and Izuku a couple has been refreshing. They turned her crush into motivation for her to be a better hero instead of chasing the boy, I love it. 


Tenya Iida


As the class leader, Tenya has all the traits that you would want, maybe to a fault. He doesn’t like breaking the rules but will do so if it means him being able to supervise his fellow classmates. His arc with Stain was by far one of his best, and the fact he took up his brother’s hero name to continue the legacy gives Tenya a special place in my heart.




With Enji Todoroki being the abusive and demanding father he was, I was curious how the show could ever turn him around and make him redeemable. Luckily for us, the whole Todoroki family arc has been nuanced and filled with great drama between Endeavor and specifically his sons. They made sure to show that not all is forgiven when it comes to Endeavors past abuse, but there is space for forgiveness moving forward. His arc as of late has not only shown that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to earn his family’s trust, but also to represent being the number one hero here is. 


Eraser Head


Mr. Aizawa has shown on more than one occasion why he is the best teacher at U.A. but also why he’s such a badass pro hero. His “Erasure” quirk is an equalizer in any battle he’s in, but his devotion to his students is what makes him one of the best. His latest arc discovering that an old friend’s corpse was transformed into the villain Kurogiri has given Eraser Head a new story to further explore. 




I mean what is there to say about this precious little girl. She has by far one of the best and maybe overpowered quirks of the show, but it’s her sweet personality shining through that makes her one of my favorites. The trauma that she endured at the hands of Overhaul was heartbreaking, to say the least, but the image of her smiling at Izuku while Mirio held her during Class 1-A’s concert got me teary-eyed. I can’t wait until she can better control her quirk because this girl is gonna be a badass. 


Eljiro Kirishima


One of my favorite students from Class 1-A, as Eljiro not only brings laughter whenever he’s onscreen with Katsuki but he also has this will and determination to be better that just makes you cheer for him. His fight alongside Fat Gum was the cherry on top of a series of great moments he’s had in the show. He continues to grow and I can’t wait to see where he goes in Season 6.  




It’s a shame we only get to see All-Might in all his glory for like two and a half seasons but man, did he deliver when he showed up. Seeing him fight the Nomu and then eventually having his showdown with All For One gave me goosebumps. It is wild how the roles have reversed as he gave his quirk to Izuku and has now ended up quirkless like Izuku was when they met.  Although we don’t get the action we had before, his love for his students and his trust in Izuku and Katsuki has been amazing to see. It’ll be a heartbreaking moment if the show ever loses him.  


Katsuki Bakugo


I know people are rioting at the fact I don’t have Katsuki as number 1 but let me state my case. When the show first started I couldn’t stand Katsuki, his bullying and constant outbursts made me wish for the day that Izuku would just destroy his life in battle, but then little by little the show fleshed out his story more and more. We saw that as the battles continued he started realizing that not only could he depend on his comrades for help, but could use some of them as motivation to be better, in particular Izuku. Now although that’s a fine arc to have, I enjoyed others just a little bit more. His outbursts now add to the comedy of the show, especially if he’s with Eljiro who knows how to handle him the best. I’m excited for where the show takes his arc and can’t wait to see more. 


Mirio Togata


It’s a shame we only got a few glimpses of his quirk in action but those moments were still some of the best of the show. What beats a top student who fights and defeats all of Class 1-A in the nude while having a big ol’ smile on his face? It was not only hilarious but very telling of just how strong and talented Mirio is. His fight against Overhaul that led to him losing his quirk was emotional but damn it if it didn’t make me love his character even more. There’s a reason Nighteye wanted him to be All-Might’s successor and the show has delivered on why. We also see his emotional side as a caregiver when he takes little Eri to see Izuku perform, and crying as he sees Eri smile for the first time. What’s not to love about this guy?


Izuku Midoriya


I’ll be honest as much as I liked Izuku from the beginning, his constant crying had me wonder why I still enjoyed his screen time. I soon realized that part of his charm is also how emotionally vulnerable he is compared to his classmates. He’s a kid who went from being quirkless to being handed one of the greatest quirks of all by the greatest hero of all. His arc so far has been great to see, especially in moments when he is somewhat defeated and has learned a lesson. You truly get to see the growth not only in his skills but his maturity also. The fact that he and Katsuki are in such a close bond due to Katsuki knowing the truth about his quirk is a great dynamic that I hope they keep exploring. 


Shoto Todoroki


Having experienced his own trauma at the hands of his father, Shoto has had one of the best arcs so far for me in the show. We get to witness his rise not only as a hero but also as a son who is willing to give his father a chance at making things right, which is something beautiful. He’s not only had some amazing fight sequences but his overall emotional development has been well written. It’s no wonder he is one of the favorites of the show but for me, he is numero uno. 

How do you feel about my rankings? Let me know in the comments below!


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