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Art Basel to feature Cheetos dust exhibition on mega-yacht #englishheadline #Art #Basel #feature #Cheetos #dust #exhibition #megayacht

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This whole concept is dangerously cheesy. 

The internationally renowned showcase Art Basel Miami Beach will this year close out its final day with a Cheetos-hosted exhibition featuring art made out of the orange dust from its iconic puffed cornmeal snack, a residue formally known as Cheetle.

LL Cool J’s lifestyle brand, Rock the Bells, is co-presenting the event alongside Cheetos, and the collaborators are promoting it as “one of the most anticipated events at Art Basel 2021 on the Seafair Mega Yacht.”

The five-four trash food-dusted extravaganza will not only feature eight new, original Cheetle-based pieces by street artist Lefty Out There but five DJs, “Cheetos-inspired activations,” onboard activities, and an open bar, all aboard the 220-foot, four-story yacht, according to the oddly normal-looking Eventbrite page.

“His signature squiggles are the forefront of virtual creativity and has gained international recognition,” Rock the Bells tweeted in promotion of the Cheeto-utilizing artist. 

The event is being co-hosted by LL Cool J’s lifestyle brand, Rock the Bells.
Courtesy of Rock The Bells

“Who said don’t play with your food?” an automated-sounding voice narrated in another tweeted promotional clip.

The Saturday, Dec. 4, event is free with registration. A more exclusive bash may follow, although it appears to be by invitation only.

Quotes from corporate employees of Cheetos’ parent company Frito-Lay are hilariously dry and barely lean into the possibilities of the highly meme-worthy event. 

cheeto art basel exhibit
The promotional material around the event is shockingly dry.
Courtesy of Rock The Bells

“Over the years, fans have used Cheetos as inspiration for so many different things, from fashion to beauty to culinary and more,” commented Frito-Lay North America senior director of marketing Jessica Spaulding, Food & Wine reported. “Now, we’re excited to see how Cheetle — the orange dust that our fans wear proudly on their fingertips — is brought to life at Art Basel through the incredibly talented Lefty Out There’s artwork.”

Of course, Twitter immediately mocked the cheesy project, comparing it to 2019’s duct-taped banana, which ended up selling for $120,000.

“$120,000 banana: I’m the dumbest s – – t you’ve ever seen and I’m coming to Art Basel Cheetos: hold my beer,” tweeted one person.

“How the hell did we get here with Cheetos??” added another.


#Art #Basel #feature #Cheetos #dust #exhibition #megayacht

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