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Avan Jogia Resident Evil And Victorious #englishheadline #Avan #Jogia #Resident #Evil #Victorious

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NOW — What was the audition process like for Resident Evil?

The Resident Evil audition process was weird, because again, it’s COVID. And so everyone’s locked in their houses. You do a lot of [audition] tapes as an actor, so I basically peeled myself off of my couch and sort of organized a wall to make it look like I wasn’t completely living in filth. And then you just send [the tapes] away and, you know, you forget about it. And then a couple weeks later, I got the call from the director and we chatted about the part and sort of what his vision was for it. So yeah, that’s mostly been my process. It’s changed so much — even from the casting process for Victorious and the casting process for the films now — it’s changed so much because of COVID.

THEN — Did you have a favorite scene or episode to film of Victorious?

It’s funny, it’s such a blur. Mostly, I don’t remember shooting any specific scenes. I was so young, and — because of the content of [Victorious] — I was basically just having fun with my friends. I think the fun that we were having poured into the show itself. I think it came across to people how much fun we were having. But as far as what was occurring, it was like a fever dream. Oh, I did like dressing up in drag. That was fun.

NOW — Did you have a favorite scene to film of Resident Evil?

I think the rocket launcher scene in Resident Evil is my favorite. You very rarely get to do an ’80s-style action scene like this one where you say an action line and then shoot a rocket launcher — you know what I mean? Super campy and fun. To me, that’s the sort of stuff where I’m like, “Oh yeah, this is what movies are about.”


#Avan #Jogia #Resident #Evil #Victorious

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