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Dashcam video shows small car pull into truck’s path #englishheadline #Dashcam #video #shows #small #car #pull #trucks #path

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The driver of a small car narrowly avoided almost certain death after making a dangerous split second decision to pull into the path of a truck.

The chilling moment a car pulled directly into the path of a huge truck has been captured in frightening dashcam video.

Ricky Lemaux was driving his heavy vehicle through the countryside in Kent, England, on November 11 when another driver’s split second decision nearly ended in catastrophe.

As Mr Lemaux approached an intersection he planned to travel straight past, the drivers of two much smaller vehicles decided to execute a turn before he arrived.

While the first car narrowly left a big enough gap to safely clear the truck, the second cut it way too close and forced Mr Lemaux into a screeching halt.

If it weren’t for Mr Lemaux travelling just 56km/h at the time, the second car would have almost certainly been flattened.

Instead, the car’s driver and passengers managed to survive the incident unscathed.

Mr Lemaux shared the video to Facebook on Monday after removing its sound due to his use of explicit language.

It was evident he was far from the only person irritated by the manoeuvres executed by the drivers of the small cars.

“First one was bad enough, was not expecting the second idiot to follow,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Jeez close call. Bloody stupid junction though isn’t it? Bet they’ll look twice next time,” another said.

“That’s madness,” a third wrote.

Mr Lemaux confirmed in a comment that he didn’t have his left indicator on, dispelling any suggestion the drivers pulled in front because they thought he was turning.


#Dashcam #video #shows #small #car #pull #trucks #path

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