Home Australia Driver catches sign awkwardly telling drivers ‘to speed’ over Australia Day weekend #englishheadline #Driver #catches #sign #awkwardly #telling #drivers #speed #Australia #Day #weekend

Driver catches sign awkwardly telling drivers ‘to speed’ over Australia Day weekend #englishheadline #Driver #catches #sign #awkwardly #telling #drivers #speed #Australia #Day #weekend

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‘Speed these holidays’: Awkward sign erected on a busy highway seems to encourage drivers to break the law this Australia Day long weekend

  • Sign flashed the message ‘Do not speed these holidays’ on a Victorian highway
  • But the ‘do not’ was flashed separately so the sign read ‘speed these holidays’  
  • Photo of the gaffe was shared online with others saying they’d seen similar signs 

A driver has captured the moment a flashing road sign seemed to encourage motorists to speed over the Australia Day long weekend.

A large sign on the side of a Victorian highway read out the message: ‘Do not speed these holidays’.

However the words ‘do not’ were flashed separately so motorists glancing at the sign were only left with the bizarre message telling them to drive over the speed limit.

A flashing sign on a Victorian highway accidentally displayed the message ‘speed these holidays’ after the words ‘do not’ appeared separately

A photo of the gaffe was shared to Reddit with other drivers pointing out some hilarious signs they’d seen over the years.

One person said that when they lived in Canberra, a sign had read: ‘Texting while driving? You’re an idiot’.

But the sign froze and instead of the full message, the words ‘You’re an idiot’ continued on flashing as confused motorists drove past.

‘Could be worse, it could have said “DRINK AND DRIVE THESE HOLIDAYS”,’ one person commented.

‘Those signs are just trying to trick us into speeding so they can fine us and raise revenue… to buy some more of those signs,’ another said.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Vic Roads for comment. 


#Driver #catches #sign #awkwardly #telling #drivers #speed #Australia #Day #weekend

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