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First accuser testifies at Ghislaine Maxwell trial #englishheadline #accuser #testifies #Ghislaine #Maxwell #trial

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A woman testified on Tuesday about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein starting when she was just 14 — including being coaxed into group sex sessions at the pedophile’s Palm Beach mansion.

The alleged victim, identified only by the pseudonym “Jane,” recalled hanging out at Epstein’s lavish home in the mid-1990s, when she and others, including Maxwell, would “abruptly” be summoned to his bedroom or a massage room.

“What would Maxwell typically do?” the prosecutor asked.

“She along with others would just start taking their clothes off, Jeffrey would get on the massage table,” the woman replied.

“It just turned into this orgy.”

The witness — one of four alleged victims mentioned in the indictment against Maxwell — was the first accuser to take the stand at the Manhattan trial, telling jurors about meeting the British socialite and wealthy financier in 1994.

Ghislaine Maxwell listens to testimony during her trial on Nov. 30, 2021.
REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

The then-14-year-old was at Camp Interlochen in Michigan that summer when she was between 7th and 8th grade. Her dad had died suddenly of leukemia about nine months earlier, and her family had lost their home.

She was sitting on a bench with her friends when a “tall, billowy” woman came over with a Yorkshire Terrier dog, and a man soon followed.

“[My] classmates left and I was there by myself eating my ice cream and the man sat across from me,” she said.

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“He seemed very interested to know what I thought about the camp,” adding that he was a benefactor who gave musically gifted kids scholarships.

She identified the man and woman as Epstein and Maxwell.

“They seemed very friendly. I thought they were a married couple, they seemed inquisitive,” she continued.

Jeffrey Epstein's waterfront Palm Beach, Florida, home
The alleged victim testified that the abuse took place at Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida home.
TNS via Getty Images

Back home in Palm Beach, the woman said she and her mom were invited over to Epstein’s “enormous house” for tea. The then-teen lived in a pool house with her mom and three brothers at the time.

For months after, the woman said she would hang out at Epstein’s home every week or two on average, spending time by the pool, in the kitchen or going to the movies.

He eventually sexually assaulted her in the pool house on the estate, she testified.

“I was frozen. In fear,” she said. “I’d never seen a penis before.” 

Not long after the first assault, the woman alleged that both Epstein and Maxwell molested her in his bedroom.


#accuser #testifies #Ghislaine #Maxwell #trial

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