Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Fun Facts That Are Not Fun #Englishheadline

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Golden Globes slammed for lack of black voters in protest #Englishheadline

The 2021 Golden Globes is getting the time’s up treatment. The awards show, set to air Sunday on NBC,...

Blue’s Lee Ryan ‘is set to become a father for the third time with girlfriend Verity Paris’ #Englishheadline

Lee Ryan is reportedly set to become a father for the third time as his girlfriend Verity Paris...


“People think that’s what they look like all the time but blobfish adapted to live in deep waters, which means the deeper you go, the more water pressure there is. Their bodies are not meaty like fish but more gelatinous because they adapted to the water pressure. If you accidentally pull them to higher levels but with less water pressure, their bodies don’t handle it well because there’s nothing keeping their bodies intact — so their bodies explode.

Basically, every photo you’ve seen of a blobfish where they look big and pink and, of course, blobby, is a photo of a dead blobfish.

Merchandise and cartoons are designed after what they look like dead. Hell, they’re referred to as what they look like dead.”




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