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How The Batwoman Cast Built A Family Behind The Scenes #englishheadline #Batwoman #Cast #Built #Family #Scenes

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The Vancouver atmosphere not only allowed the Batwoman cast to become super close, but they’ve also become good friends with actors on other CW and Arrowverse shows that film in the city alongside them. As Rachel puts it, “It’s a very unique experience being on an Arrowverse show in Vancouver. It’s like having a sibling you can talk about your parents with. No one understands that unique experience the way they do.” Looking outside of the Arrowverse family, Nicole explained that she has become very close with Leah Lewis, who stars on Nancy Drew. The duo first met when they were both auditioning for Mary on Batwoman, then they became roommates, and now they consider each other family.

It has even been wonderful for the cast to reconnect with actors they’ve previously worked with, as is the case with Meagan, who got to reunite with Tyler Hoechlin once Superman & Lois began. “I knew Tyler from Teen Wolf, which I did for a couple of years. That was really awesome. The Arrowverse is such a small bubble when you’re in it too.”

For Javicia, Meagan, and Camrus, the extended Arrowverse family has also allowed them to connect with other Black actors, which has been “so incredibly necessary” and “such a blessing,” according to Cam and Meagan respectively. “It’s hard because Vancouver doesn’t have a huge Black population,” Javicia explained. “So it’s kind of cool to come somewhere and it feels like home. You can come in and connect and not feel like you’re here by yourself.” This feeling of needing a community led to Camrus starting “Black game nights” with actors and crew members from across The CW shows.

“Black game nights are just awesome,” Cam joyfully explained. “I think the first one was me, Javicia, David Ramsey, Eric Seaton, Carl Seaton, Candice [Patton], and Azie [Tesfai]. This year we had a bigger one. We had Olivia [Swann] from Legends of Tomorrow, Erinn Westbrook from Riverdale, Nick Creegan, and so many more. It has been so cool to just be in a room full of Black people playing games. It feels like Thanksgiving or Christmas.” And in case you’re wondering what the go-to games are, the night usually consists of Taboo, Mafia, Blank Slate, or Left, Right, Center.


#Batwoman #Cast #Built #Family #Scenes

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