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SURVIVAL expert Bear Grylls has told The Sun the one crucial rule you must follow if you get lost in the wilderness.

The adventurer and TV sensation has given his top three tips for what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.

Bear Grylls has explained what to do if you find yourself lost in the wilderness


Bear Grylls has explained what to do if you find yourself lost in the wildernessCredit: Channel 4
He gave three tips of what to do - two physical and two mental


He gave three tips of what to do – two physical and two mentalCredit: Handout

“Number one, if somebody is lost… Often people panic and they plow on and they try and make the environment fit what they think they should be seeing. And they make a bad situation much worse,” Bear explained.

“So number one is: stop and just think, take your time just trying to orient yourself and don’t rush into things.

“Often the best advice if you’re really lost head downhill until you find a stream or river, follow that until you get to a river and then follow the river to civilization.

“Wherever you are in the world near people tend to congregate around water sources.”

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His second tip revealed that it is not just your physical actions that can help you when you’re lost, but your mental ones too.

“I would say adopt a survivor mindset, which is all about facing the difficult stuff, not running for your fears, and having never give up attitude, that determination to never give in, never give up that conquers everything,” he explained.

The last tip is something you can prepare for before you end up in the middle of nowhere, Bear said.

“Make sure you’re well equipped, you know, make sure you’re well prepared, and you’re well equipped,” he said.

“So yeah, whatever it is, whether it’s the right clothing, the right vehicles, the right SAT phones or the right batteries, make sure you’re properly equipped and you’re well prepared.”

While talking to The Sun, the survival expert also gave his top tips if you were to find yourself face-to-face with a shark.

Number one, don’t panic,” he said. “You know, most shark attacks and mistaken identity, or they think of something else. So if you see a shark make yourself visible, make yourself strong, make yourself not look like prey.”


Bear then went on to explain the dangerous signal that could leave you in a face-off with a Great White.

“As soon as you start panicking and start thrashing in that water and sending off prey-predator signals that you are food and you’re scared and you’re weak – that’s whether you’re facing wolves or sharks.

“You know, the signal is a really dangerous signal. So if you’re with a shark in the water, bags or confidence, swim, you know strong swing swim stable.

“If it’s coming for you, if it’s looking like it’s attacking, you go for it dive towards it be aggressive. Cause confusion in a shark’s mind. Yeah, they’re unlikely to attack – even Great Whites.”

Bear went on to confirm that sharks “don’t want to eat you,” but tend to confuse humans for prey.

“If they see you’re human, and you’re not scared, and you’re swimming with it, they leave you alone.

“But like all things that takes courage, but welcome to the wild, you know, the rewards go to those who can face their fears and do the difficult so that would be my tip with sharks.”

Despite giving expert tips on how to face a shark if you find yourself in that position, Bear explained that it should not be sought out.

“Before you get in the water, do your research and make sure you don’t put yourself in harm’s way unnecessarily.

“There are a lot of places now that have really good shark watches. If somebody’s saying don’t be in the water at the moment, don’t be in the water.

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“But that is the key to surviving. If you’re surrounded by sharks be confident.”

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