Papua New Guinea earthquake: 7.6 Magnitude tremors hit as deaths and injuries remain unclear but tsunami threat cleared English Headline

AN earthquake has struck Papua New Guinea in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the Eastern New Guinea region sparking chaos among panicked residents.

A tsunami warning is no longer in effect


A tsunami warning is no longer in effectCredit: USGS

The earthquake was approximately 50 miles deep according to the US Geological Survey,

It prompted the US Tsunami Warning System to issue a tsunami warning.

However, the warning is no longer in effect.

The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center tweeted: “Tsunami Info Stmt: M7.7 Eastern New Guinea Reg., P.N.G. 1647PDT Sep 10: Tsunami NOT expected; CA, OR, WA, BC, and AK.”

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The quake reportedly damaged property and triggered panic among residents in the area.

However, no property damage has been officially confirmed and no casualties have been reported, Reuters reports.

According to the US Tsunami Warning System, minor sea level fluctuations may occur in some coastal areas near the earthquake during the hours after the quake struck, at 9.46am local time

One local in Madang, close to the epicenter of the quake told AFP the tremors were “very strong.”

“Everything was like sitting on a sea,” Hivi Apokore said.

One the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre‘s website, one witness, located about 50miles from the epicenter, described the tremors as the most “massive earthquake” they’ve ever felt in Lae City, noting it was “the first of its kind.”

Another said: “Never felt anything like this in this place before.”

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