AFLW scrapping minute of silence commemorating Queen ‘virtue signalling nonsense’ English Headline

Sky News contributor Caleb Bond says the AFLW axing a minute of silence to honour Queen Elizabeth II’s death is a “disgrace”.

“That any sporting organisation in this country would think there is any reason not to honour the Queen is a joke,” he told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“And to come up with this excuse that it was, you know, during Indigenous rounds so we can’t have a minute’s silence.

“Every other sporting code not only across Australia, not only across the Commonwealth but largely across the world has paid respect to the Queen in some way.”

Mr Bond said the AFL’s silence after getting backlash for scrapping the commemoration “proves they knew it was wrong”.

“The Queen in this country and the world was a force for good,” he said.

“To not honour her is just the height of virtue-signalling, PC nonsense.”

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