Inside Bianca Rudolph’s final days with husband Larry and chilling details about her murder on African safari English Headline

IN her final days, Bianca Rudolph and her husband, Larry, were on an African safari – but she never made it home.

Larry Rudolph has been found guilty of murder years after his story of Catholic funerals and an illicit affair puzzled investigators.

Larry Rudolph has been found guilty of killing his wife during an African safari and saying it was an accident


Larry Rudolph has been found guilty of killing his wife during an African safari and saying it was an accidentCredit: Facebook/ Larry Rudolph
The two were hunting big game in Africa when she died


The two were hunting big game in Africa when she diedCredit: Facebook/ Larry Rudolph
Larry's team maintains his innocence after the chilling event


Larry’s team maintains his innocence after the chilling eventCredit: AP

Larry, who had a dentist practice in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, took his wife Bianca to Kafue National Park in Zambia in 2016.

The two were highly skilled big game hunters who had visited the location before.

Authorities rushed to Larry and Bianca’s hut in Zambia early in the morning on October 11, 2016, after hearing a gunshot come from their residence.

Bianca was found dead on the floor with a gunshot wound in her chest while Larry told authorities that his wife packing away her 12-gauge shotgun when it went off.

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Larry claims his wife accidentally shot herself with a rifle while she was loading the case.

Zambian police initially discharged the case and ruled her death an accident, but concerning evidence quickly began to mount against Larry as investigators learned more of the situation, CBS News reported.


On the last day of their safari, Larry said Bianca was packing a shotgun in another room when he heard a blast, Zambian police said.

He told police that he discovered his wife bloodied and lying face up on the floor with the fatal wound.

A game scout named Spencer Kakoma was there the night of her tragic death and ran to discover the haunting scene.

The scout said Larry told him that Bianca died by suicide, but then later switched his story and claimed it was an accident while cleaning the gun.

Kakoma also said that Larry was fully clothed when he walked into the cabin, but the dentist reportedly told police that he was in a towel when he called them.


Bianca’s body was moved to a funeral home where it was set to be cremated.

A US Embassy official with decades of weapons experience traveled to the home to have a look at the body.

Larry had no clue that the former Marine visited Bianca to inspect and photograph her body.

A friend of the killed wife also took an interest in the funeral as she claimed it was against Bianca’s religious beliefs.

According to the friend, she believed “cremation to have been against Bianca’s wishes because Bianca was a strict Catholic,” an FBI criminal complaint states.

Bianca’s friend also claimed that Larry had been having an extramarital affair with his office manager Lori Milliron and said he “had been verbally abusive in the past and that the two had fights about money,” CBS News reported.


Larry’s legal team argued that Bianca’s will strictly stated that the woman wished to be cremated.

The team also said she was aware of the extramarital affair but it wasn’t a motive for murder.

“Larry is never going to divorce her because he doesn’t want to lose his money and she’s never going to divorce him because of her Catholicism,” Bianca’s friend said.

“She opened up a Pandora’s box as to why Lawrence Rudolph would want to kill his wife,” said a former federal prosecutor Mary Fulginiti.

A month after returning from Zambia, the dentist continued to raise suspicion when he started to file claims on Bianca’s life insurance policies worth millions.

Larry was arrested in December 2021, five years after his wife’s tragic death.

Just last month, he was found convicted on one count of murder of a US national in a foreign country and one count of fraud.

Jurors also found his office manager and lover Lori Milliron guilty on charges of being an accessory after the murder and perjury.

Larry’s attorneys released a statement in the wake of the sentencing saying: “Dr Rudolph is innocent.”

“The Zambian authorities who were there and investigated said so. The insurance companies who paid the claim after they investigated said so.

“Strangely, five years later, the feds brought charges without any real evidence — no eye-witnesses, no forensics, no anything — except for some speculation sprinkled into a chasm of conjecture.”

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Larry Rudolph could face life in prison for his crimes. He is set to be sentenced in February 2023.

His chilling tale has been shared on CBS’ 48 Hours and also on an episode of 20/20.

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