New classified space fighting center ready to fight ‘hostile extraterrestrials’ as well as ‘adversaries China & Russia’ English Headline

A $100million, classified Space Warfighting Center will protect the US if the world ever encounters hostile aliens reflects as space becomes “a key warfighting domain,” an expert in defense and UFOs said.

The Aerospace Corporation, a national nonprofit, built a federally funded 90,000-square-foot facility in Colorado “to examine space warfighting and advanced system concepts and educate space operators and analysts on assessing a variety of threat scenarios.”

The Aerospace Corporation built this $100million, 90,000-square-foot facility in Colorado


The Aerospace Corporation built this $100million, 90,000-square-foot facility in ColoradoCredit: The Aerospace Corporation
Nick Pope, an expert on UFOs and defense, said the facility reflects the realization that 'space is going to be a key warfighting domain'


Nick Pope, an expert on UFOs and defense, said the facility reflects the realization that ‘space is going to be a key warfighting domain’Credit: Adam Gray/SWNS for The U.S. Sun

Steve Isakowitz, Aerospace’s President and CEO, said in a statement, “Developing advanced space warfighting concepts that enhance the resiliency and agility of our systems is critical to outpacing the threats we face in space.”

Aerospace didn’t respond to emails with follow up questions.

But expert Nick Pope, the former head of the UK’s now-defunct Ministry of Defense’s UFO program, told The U.S. that the facility “is a cutting-edge part of the US government’s wider space policy.”

It has a dual use to combat the US’s enemies as well as any potential “hostile extraterrestrial.”

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“Even if it was set up to plan warfighting against conventional adversaries like China and Russia, if we did ever encounter hostile extraterrestrials, it would doubtless play a key role in planetary defense,” Pope said.

In June, The U.S. Sun reported that an active duty service member said the Air Force has fired at UFOs in active war zones.

“In any future war, space (along with cyberspace) is going to be a key warfighting domain, perhaps more important than the traditional three (domains of) land, sea and air,” the renown defense expert said.

Space Force, the Space Fence radar system and the planned Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor are also parts of this, he said.

Construction of the actual facility in Colorado Springs wrapped up in early September, Aerospace said in an announcement on their website.


It comes at a time when the US government has been demanding answers about Unidentified Aerial Phenomenons (UAPS), and NASA is exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Even legendary author Stephen King wondered out loud about alien life in a Thursday afternoon tweet.

“Is there intelligent life in the universe? If we find it, what will the general reaction be here on Earth?” King said on Twitter.

Pope acknowledged that some people will wonder if Aerospace’s facility has any UFO connections.

“There are conspiracy theories about how Space Force was set up to fight hostile aliens,” Pope said.

“With Congress demanding answers on UFOs and with NASA undertaking a study, there’s certainly more official interest than we’ve ever seen.

“There are some intriguing clues that might excite the UFO community.

“One is the Department of Defense’s recent confirmation that former Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) head Luis Elizondo is providing technical advice on classified topics for Space Force.”

Pope said another connection is The Aerospace Corporation’s board of trustees, which includes many people with intelligence community and military backgrounds.

David Norquist, one of the board’s members, was the deputy secretary of defense when the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force was approved and established, according to Pope.


Aerospace operates the Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) “serves the long-term needs of the government as a trusted advisor for space,” the nonprofit said.

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“The company partners across government, industry, and academia to deliver solutions spanning national security, civil, commercial and international space efforts.”

The Colorado facility hired 250 engineers, scientists and analysts and is billed as “the focal point for delivering technical expertise across the space enterprise to outpace threats to national security.”

The Aerospace Center's facility will combat the United States' conventional enemies like Russia and China and protect against the possibility of hostile extraterrestrial life


The Aerospace Center’s facility will combat the United States’ conventional enemies like Russia and China and protect against the possibility of hostile extraterrestrial lifeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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