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A CAREER expert has revealed how introverts can make up to $120,000 working from home by keeping an eye out for certain jobs.

Michael Nazari, who runs the account @findfulfillingwork on TikTok, explained how his customer service job allowed him to break into a six-figure remote job, which requires little interaction with others.

Michael Nazari makes videos giving career tips


Michael Nazari makes videos giving career tipsCredit: TikTok/findfulfillingwork
The job can earn you up to six figures


The job can earn you up to six figuresCredit: TikTok/findfulfillingwork
A knowledge base manager helps with training


A knowledge base manager helps with trainingCredit: TikTok/findfulfillingwork

“I just started in customer service doing emails and phone calls and chats,” he said in a recent video.

“Then I just started helping out in other things,” Nazari continued. “I started helping out developing the documentation, the training, all that type of stuff.”

Eventually, those skills landed Nazari a job as a Knowledge Base Manager, who creates the Help Center and training materials on the website.

While he did not reveal how much he makes, the job listing for the same position that he cited in his video had a starting salary of $100,000 to $120,000, though that specific position is not remote.

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It required three years of experience, but no college degree

People with similar careers raved about their experiences in the comments.

“It’s also a great path to get into technical writing,” one said.

“Depending on the company, there can be a lot of overlap in the roles.”

“Love this kind of work. It’s so nice. Lots of autonomy too,” said another.

“Try to go through a recruiter and it can help you step your foot through the door,” a third recommended 

“ I’m currently working for an Ed-tech with a customer support role.”

The U.S Sun has done extensive reporting on lucrative remote opportunities, like working for Apple as an at-home advisor. 

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Another allows you to make  $50 an hour managing social media accounts.

In another case, a financially savvy 26-year-old makes up to $200,000 per year with two remote jobs.

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