Putin’s war guru ‘Rasputin’ warns of ‘nuclear apocalypse’ if Russia loses Ukraine war & reveals three ways it could end English Headline

VLADIMIR Putin’s war guru “Rasputin” has warned of a “nuclear apocalypse” if Russia lost the war in Ukraine and revealed three ways it could end.

Long-time war supporter Alexander Dugin said the ‘heart and soul’ of Russia was at stake as he backed Mad Vlad‘s plans to mobilise 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine.

Russia has threatened to use 'all the means' at its disposal against the West


Russia has threatened to use ‘all the means’ at its disposal against the West
Alexander Dugin's thinking is believed to have influenced Putin's decision to invade Ukraine


Alexander Dugin’s thinking is believed to have influenced Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine


“A very important decision has been taken and, it seems, not easily made,” tweeted Dugin moments after Putin made his chilling announcement.

“All our – unbearable, outrageous – sacrifices are not in vain. The state and the people are on the same side of the barricades.”

Dugin, known as “Putin’s Brain”, evoked the symbols of a Holy War as he called on Russians “not to lose your soul” and join the fight against a “brutal enemy” – a reference believed to be the USA and Ukraine.

“After all, we are fighting on the side of God and Heaven, on the side of Earth and Soul. 

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“That is why our native blood is donated, flowing directly from Russian hearts.”

It comes as an unhinged Putin made a thinly-veiled threat to nuke the West and announced the mobilisation of 300,000 Russian reservists in a chilling address today.

In a pre-recorded speech, the deranged leader said he would use “all the means at our disposal” against the West, which he falsely accused of committing “nuclear blackmail”.

“When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all the means at our disposal to defend Russia and our people, this is not a bluff,” he said.

“To ensure safety of our people, and people at the liberated territories… I find it necessary to support the suggestion of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff about declaring partial mobilisation in Russia.”


Dugin, whose daughter died in a suspected assassination attempt last month, fervently supported the move and evoked images of Russian imperial ‘greatness’ in his latest online post.

“Ukraine… is denigrating into the start of a real world war,” the 60-year-old ‘spiritual mastermind’ wrote, adding there were only three ways the conflict would end.

He labelled the first outcome – in which all territory conquered by Russian troops is peacefully returned to Ukraine – as the “worst-case scenario”.

“It would mean not only the end of the regime, but the end of everything and everyone… It is essentially a scenario for the end of Russia, Finis Rossiae,” the doomsdayer exaggerated.

“If our retreat begins (in a sense, it will continue), everything will fall – for both external and internal causes.”

The outspoken, cross-wielding philosopher baselessly accuses the West of instigating Russia’s ‘fall’ from greatness.

“This scenario is described in detail in the official propaganda of the Ukrainians.

“It is the dream of official Kiev, the Russophobic and globalist leadership.”


Another was the “destruction of humanity” in which an increasingly desperate Putin nukes the West because he’s losing the war in Ukraine and causes a “nuclear apocalypse”.

“The second scenario is a nuclear apocalypse. It is possible that Moscow, which is beginning to lose seriously (first scenario), will decide to use nuclear weapons,” Dugin writes.

“Likely? Yes, probably. Is anyone in Russia considering this possibility? Undoubtedly.”

Blasting the West’s supply of weapons and training to Ukrainians, Dugin wrote: “Russia could resort to nuclear weapons in other situations, since for Russia – both state and people – losing a war would mean total annihilation, and not just a severe but still tolerable defeat, which could be overcome, the nuclear scenario cannot be discarded.

“The West clearly underestimates this probability, considering it a bluff.”


Dugin goes on to make his final and most outlandish suggestion in which be predicts a “patriotically victorious scenario” for Russia and the development of a “holy war” that leads to an end of Western civilization.

“The third scenario is the most important… In Russia, a revolution is taking place from above.

“Putin, who has already broken with the West, turns this total and irreversible rupture into an ideology, a course, a strategy and the sole guideline of existence.

“All compromises are abolished, Russia is openly becoming a people’s empire with a marked religious and social (anti-capitalist) ethos. Liberalism and Westernism are banned.”

He adds: “The state and the people regroup and the SMO (special military operation) is transformed into a popular holy war. To be or not to be.

“That moment has arrived”.

It comes as Putin ordered a “partial mobilisation” of two million troops for service in Ukraine.

In a chilling speech, he said: “Our country also has various means of defence, and in some components more advanced than those of NATO countries. 

“Russian citizens can be sure that the territorial integrity of our homeland, our independence and our freedom will be secured by all the means at our disposal.

“Those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the winds may blow in their direction.”

The maddened leader falsely claimed he was responding to threats from unnamed high NATO officials “about the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons – against Russia”. 

Putin made clear that by Russian territory, he meant invaded areas of Ukraine where he is holding sham referendums in the coming days on joining the Kremlin empire. 

The increasingly desperate leader also announced the mobilisation of 300,000 reservists beginning today.

The striking move would see “current reservists… all those who have served in the Armed Forces, have certain military professions and relevant experience” called up to serve.

Russians have already begun to flee the country with one-way tickets out of Moscow sold out within moments of Putin’s announcement.

Flights to Turkey, Armenia and Georgia – where Russians don’t need a visa to enter – have also sold while the last remaining tickets out of the country are costing thousands of pounds.

A trip for a family of three to Johannesburg today costs £44,000 while a ticket to the cheapest destination – Dubai – is £4,500, which is about five times the average monthly wage, according to Google Data and news outlet RBK.

Searches for “how to leave Russia” and “how to break your hand” also topped Google traffic.

Putin also falsely claimed Western countries were trying to “block” the independence of the so-called people’s republics in eastern Ukraine.

“In order to force their will in brutal ways to other people. The aim of the West is still weaken and destroy, they are openly saying that,” he ranted in his first televised address since the start of the war on February 24.

World leaders have condemned Russia’s “partial mobilisation” of reserves.

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said Berlin was “considering a response” to the recent escalation.

He said it was “another bad and wrong step from Russia, which of course we will discuss and consult on politically regarding how to respond”.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said the move was “further proof that Russia is the sole aggressor” and vowed to continue supporting Ukraine.

“It is needed to help Ukraine, and in our own interest, we must continue with it,” he said.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte said the mobilisation was a “sign of panic”.

“The mobilisation, calling for referenda in the Donetsk, it is all a sign of panic,” he said.

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“His rhetoric on nuclear weapons is something we have heard many times before, and it leaves us cold.”

China has also weighed in, calling on all parties to “engage in dialogue”.

Mad Vlad said Russia had 'lots of weapons' it was prepared to use against the West


Mad Vlad said Russia had ‘lots of weapons’ it was prepared to use against the WestCredit: Englishheadline
General mobilisation could see up to 2m Russian reservists called up to fight


General mobilisation could see up to 2m Russian reservists called up to fightCredit: Rex

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