Pauline Hanson launches spectacular attack on Lidia Thorpe after anti-monarchy protest which saw Australian flags burned English Headline

Senator Pauline Hanson has launched a spectacular attack on controversial Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe for attending an anti-monarch protest.

Ms Thorpe refused to attend Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s memorial service instead opting to dip her hands in red paint symbolising blood and take to the streets to lead a protest campaigning against the British monarch.

“The Crown has blood on their hands, our people are still dying in this country every single day, the Crown’s boot is on our neck and we are sick of it,” she said to the crowds in Melbourne while wearing a shirt emblazoned with ‘Another day in the Colony’.

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Ms Hanson responded to her colleague’s protest telling Englishheadline Australia host Chris Kenny she was “disgusted” by her behaviour.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with that woman, I have been ever since she was on the floor of Parliament initially three years ago when she took (Richard) Di Natale’s place,” she said on Thursday.

“I don’t believe she’s loyal to the Parliament, to the people she’s supposed to represent, that’s all Australians in this nation, I think she’s a despicable person and people have got what they voted for.”

The One Nation leader did not attend the memorial service in Canberra herself labelling it a “get together” for politicians adding she will have her say about the Queen next week in the Senate.

At Ms Thorpe’s protest there were reports some demonstrators were cutting up and burning the Australian flag while chanting “abolish the monarchy”.

In Adelaide a 31-year-old man was marched out of Government House by police and was chanting anti-monarchy rhetoric as he left.

A mural of the Queen – which was painted near Sydneyham train station following Her Majesty’s death – in Sydney was painted over with the colours of the Aboriginal flag while hundreds gathered at Town Hall with anti-monarch posters.

Anti-monarchists also gathered in Brisbane and Canberra on Thursday calling for an abolishment of the monarchy.

While she did not feature at the Queen’s memorial Ms Hanson took exception to those at Ms Thorpe’s protest who were burning, cutting up and pouring blood on the Australian flag.

“If they think it represents the monarchy they’re fools. It represents the Australian people, it represents our nation, it represents the people who have fought and lost their lives and sacrifices made for the country that we have today,” she said.

“These people are so ignorant they have no idea what they’re protesting about and they think it’s about the monarchy, it’s not about the monarchy it’s about us as a nation and they’re being so divisive.

“I think they’re ignorant, misled and they need to go back to studying this in school, what is our history, how Australia came about, that we are a federation, that we actually govern ourselves, we elect our own politicians, we’re not controlled by the monarchy.”

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