‘It’s impressive Optus came out early’ about data breach: MacGibbon English Headline

CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer Alastair MacGibbon says it is “impressive” how early Optus has notified about the data breach.

Up to nine million Optus customers are affected by a colossal cyberattack and the Optus CEO has issued an apology.

Mr MacGibbon told Englishheadline Australia, “I think it’s impressive that Optus came out early as they have in this.”

“This is leading to some of the confusion, of course – so it’s a double edged sword. They haven’t sat on this for weeks or months. If I go back to when I started in this game about 20 years ago, you may have not heard of this ever or it might have been months later.

“At least now, they are talking – but they clearly can’t provide all the answers that people want.”

English Headline

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