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A THRIFTER has made her hobby a full-time gig after earning over $270,000 in sales.

Keely Stawicki, who started thrifting when she was just 12 years old, has made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling vintage goods, clothing, and furniture.

Keely Stawicki made $270,000 in sales after starting her thrifting business


Keely Stawicki made $270,000 in sales after starting her thrifting businessCredit: Instagram/rebelkeely
Keely Stawicki encouraged people to start selling items they already own before thrifting


Keely Stawicki encouraged people to start selling items they already own before thriftingCredit: Instagram/rebelkeely

“The biggest thing with starting out sourcing is figuring out what to source,” Keely told Side Hustle Nation.

The key is to find your niche, Keely recommended.

If you like the products you’re selling, you’re more likely to profit compared to products where you don’t want have interest in.

Keely started with her passion for horses as a child.

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She was always surrounded by horses and horse products, so she went to an auction and bought a saddle for $50 one time

After polishing it up, she listed it on Craigslist for $150.

Keely ended up profiting $100.

She went back to the auction and continued reselling products she bought, and the rest was history.

Keely said there are two main criteria to aim for when reselling items.

First, you have to hit at least a 50 percent margin, meaning you should make $50 profit for every $100 you spend on inventory.

Second, you should aim for at least $10 profit per item.

Keely continued to go to local auctions twice a year.

She resells the items from them on eBay throughout the year, but her main source for items to resell still comes from thrift stores.

Keely recommended selling items on eBay, Poshmark, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, or Mercari.

Try to stay away from the items that are damaged, repaired, or look like it may be fake, she advised.

“In vintage clothing, the condition is truly everything,” Keely said.

“For me, it’s truly the selection of the items.”

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For people who want to start, she recommended starting with items you own.

“Start with stuff you already own – don’t borrow money!” she said.

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