Quantum Leap fans ‘emotional’ after original cast member reprises role in new reboot for surprise cameo English Headline

QUANTUM Leap fans have become “emotional” after seeing an original cast member reprise their role in NBC’s new reboot.

A 2022 edition of the late ‘80s, early ‘90s show has only aired two episodes so far, but viewers are already singing its praises.


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During Monday’s episode of the new Quantum Leap series, fans of the original spotted a very familiar face.

Susan Diol reprised her role as Al Calavicci’s wife, Beth.

In the new show, Beth revealed that she’s now a widow, as Al had recently died.

She got to spend a little bit of time with Herbert “Magic” Williams, who’s played in the reboot by Ernie Hudson and was portrayed by Christopher Kirby in the original.

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Magic went to see her as her and Al’s daughter, Janice, appeared to be somehow part of the latest mystery involving Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee).

In the original show, Beth and Al Calavicci had an up-and-down relationship, but the series finale saw the pair getting back on track after Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) came to Beth to help set things straight.

It led to Beth and Al remaining together for years to come and welcoming four daughters.

Fans were so excited to see this original cast member appear in the sequel series, especially so soon into the first season.

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One happy viewer wrote: “It was so cool seeing Susan Diol back in the #QuantumLeap universe as Beth Calavicci! 

“Hopefully, we’ll get to see other actors and characters make a comeback, including that ‘Certain Someone!’”

A second tweeted: “Wow. At least they got the original actor who played Beth before: Susan Diol!”

“I [love] seeing Susan Diol as Beth 53 years later,” another said. “This show is awesome!”

“BETH CALAVICCI I SCREAMED,” a fourth admitted.

Even before Susan’s familiar face even appeared, fans were already delighted just by the sight of her name popping up. 

One eagle-eyed fan wrote: “Susan Diol in the opening credits! Susan Diol in the opening credits?!?”

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“I about died tonight when I saw Susan Diol’s name in the intro credits for #QuantumLeap,” commented a second.

A third fan shared: “As soon as I saw @susanvdiol ’s name in the credits, I got emotional.  Welcome back, Beth Calavicci.”


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Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

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