Urgent hunt to find man with VERY distinctive ‘beast’ tattoo inked across his entire forehead English Headline

POLICE are urging the public to help find a wanted man – who has a very distinctive ‘BEAST’ tattoo inked across his entire forehead.

Jamies Sutton is wanted by police for failing to attend a hearing for domestic violence assault charges and property damage at a court earlier this month.

Police are asking for the public's help to find Jamies Sutton - and have been torn apart online


Police are asking for the public’s help to find Jamies Sutton – and have been torn apart onlineCredit: NSW Police

Cops today put a call out to the Australian public to help track Sutton down, but they have been ridiculed online as the alleged criminal has a number of distinctive tattoos – including BEAST across his forehead.

Along with his facial tattoos, Sutton also has the words ‘Game Over’ etched onto his knuckles, along with additional ink on his neck.

But that information wasn’t shared in 9News Melbourne’s original Twitter post.

Accompanied with a photo of Sutton, it said: “Murray River Police District are seeking assistance to locate wanted man Jaimes Sutton, who frequents the Deniliquin area on the VIC-NSW border.”

It very quickly drew in a raft of comments about how difficult – or not – it would be to track Sutton down.

One person said: “I’m gonna need a description if you want my help to find him.”

Others joked: “If he just combs his hair a different way he’ll be right.”

And: “No chance you’ll find him. Looks like an ordinary bloke.”

Others sarcastically asked for Sutton’s height, eye colour, and a description of what he was wearing so they could assist the cops.

Some Twitter users took to poking fun at the police, too.

One said: “You need assistance to find a person with the word BEAST tattooed on his forehead?”

Another wrote: “If they can’t find a bloke looking like this, they should be sacked!”

And, Sutton didn’t get off lightly either.

One person wrote: “Imaging having your photo on file with the police the very morning after you passed out and all your mates drew on your face in sharpie.”

Another said: “I love that the word Beast is done in the bubble writing we all thought looked mint on our year 6 geography posters.”

And: “Did he rob a pen factory?”

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