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THE LATEST emoji update, released last fall, featured a new slew of smiley faces, including a yellow smiley face that appears to be melting into a puddle.

When you add in social media and pop culture’s take on emojis, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re texting or tweeting them correctly.

Many people may wonder what the melting face emoji means


Many people may wonder what the melting face emoji means

What does the melting face emoji mean?

In its most literal sense, the melting emoji face could be used to express the extreme heat, such as when describing a hot day outside or when your air conditioning is broken.

For example, you might text your landlord: “Any update on the A/C 🫠??”

This conveys that you aren’t mad but are melting and would very much appreciate them getting it fixed as soon as possible.

It could also be used if a friend texted you about the weather.

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“I’m literally stuck to my seat on the subway 🫠” is a cuter and more humorous way of saying it’s hot outside.

What other meanings does the melting face emoji have?

The image of the face smiling as it’s melting is kind of like an ice cream cone; it’s still sweet, but it also has the potential to get messy.

Enter: the passive-aggressive use of the emoji often used to demonstrate sadness behind a happy face or frustration with a situation.

Let’s say your best friend texts you to ask how you’re doing after a breakup.

You could respond with: “It’s fine, everything is fine 🫠” which would send the message that everything is actually not fine.

The smiley allows you to express your true feelings while remaining subtle about them.

It can also be used in situations of embarrassment or discomfort.

Emojis can add another layer of meaning to your texts


Emojis can add another layer of meaning to your texts

What does the melting face emoji mean in love?

It could also be used to describe your feelings about a person.

For example, you go on a first date with a total dreamboat, and you want to describe how your date went.

You could text your friend, “Omg, he’s so perfect,” or you could simply say something like, “Literally me: 🫠.”

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This insinuates that the person you met made you melt, which is actually really sweet.

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