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SOUTH Carolina residents can earn up to $700 by filing their 2020 tax returns in just a few weeks.

The deadline to file your extended tax returns for taxpayers in the state is October 17.

By signing on the Department of Revenue's website, eligible applicants can calculate their rebate payments


By signing on the Department of Revenue’s website, eligible applicants can calculate their rebate paymentsCredit: Getty

To qualify for the rebate, you must be a resident of South Carolina and have a tax liability for 2021.

The highest payment you may receive is $700.

By signing on the Department of Revenue’s website, eligible applicants can calculate their rebate payments.

“When referring to this year’s rebate, you are considered as having tax liability if you owe state Individual Income Tax for the year 2021,” the Department of Revenue agency wrote online.

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They continued: “The amount of your tax liability is determined by the amount of Individual Income Tax you owe, minus any credits.”

According to the Associated Press, the rebates are predicted to cost $1billion.

The South Carolina lawmakers approved the distribution during a meeting in June, including it in a $13billion budget bill.

After filing, you may speak with the Department of Revenue to discuss the compensation method.

You may accept it via direct deposit, mail, or debit card.

Once filed, your check will be distributed by December 31, 2022.

If you are still confused about eligibility, here are some detailed answers that can further assist you.

If I file as married, will I get more money?

No, married couples filing a joint return will receive one rebate. The maximum for refunds is not higher for joint returns.

I did not file my 2021 tax return. Am I still eligible for a rebate?

No, if you did not file a tax return because you did not receive any income in 2021, you are not eligible for a rebate.

I moved to South Carolina in 2022. Am I eligible for a rebate?

Residents who moved to South Carolina in 2022 are probably not eligible since the rebate is reserved for people who have filed a 2021 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return.

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I lived in South Carolina in 2021 but moved out of state. Am I still eligible for the rebate?

Yes, if you lived in the state in 2021, you may be eligible for rebates if you filed your tax return in South Carolina in 2021.

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