‘Return’ of Dominic Perrottet to former ‘philosophical roots’ English Headline

Englishheadline host James Morrow says NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet in a recent speech has indicated a “return” to the “philosophical roots” seen at the start of his premiership.

Mr Perrottet on Wednesday at the Western Sydney University called for “more reading, writing and arithmetic, and less puppetry politics and wearable art”.

“And I don’t want classrooms focused on superfluous and inherently divisive political issues that distract from the core subjects and skills that our children need to learn,” he said.

Mr Morrow also praised Mr Perrottet for rejecting Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s land tax scheme, which was scrapped on Friday.

“This is the sort of … course Dom Perrottet needs to steer for the next several months through to that election if he wants to keep the Coalition in power in New South Wales,” Mr Morrow said.

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