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MARILYN Monroe was an actress who dazzled the world as one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1950s.

But many are unaware that America’s sweetheart also had a half-sister called Berenice who lived until the age of 94.

Berniece Baker Miracle pictured with her daughter Mona Ra


Berniece Baker Miracle pictured with her daughter Mona RaCredit: Getty

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s half-sister Berniece?

Berniece Inez Gladys Miracle (Baker) was born in Venice, California on July 30, 1919.

She was the daughter of Gladys Pearl Baker and Jasper Newton.

After Gladys filed for divorce in 1921, Jasper kidnapped Berniece and her brother, Robert Kermit, and raised them in his native Kentucky.

Robert tragically died from kidney failure in 1933 – aged 14.

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Two years later, Berniece began attending Pineville High School before marrying Paris Miracle in 1938.

Their only child, Mona Rae Miracle, was born a year later – some twelve days before Miracle’s 20th birthday.

It was only during her pregnancy that Berniece received a letter from her mother, informing her that she had a half sister.    

Nora, as she was called then, was in her teens when the half-sisters eventually met in 1944 after exchanging letters and pictures.

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Despite Marylin’s fledgling career in the modelling and film industry took off, the pair regularly kept in touch.

Monroe is said to have visited Berniece at her 1961 in her New York home after she underwent surgery for her cholecystectomy.

The actress died a year later and left Miracle $10,000 in her final will.

When did Berniece die?

Berniece died in Asheville, North Carolina, on 25 May 2014, at the age of 94

She spent most of her life avoiding media attention having worked as a manufacturing inspector, bookkeeper and costume designer.

What did Berniece say about her sister Marilyn?

In 1994, Berniece wrote a memoir about their sisterly bond called My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe.

Within the pages of the memoir, Berniece spoke highly of her famous sister writing, “There was no chance of missing her.

“None of the passengers looked anything like her: tall, so pretty and fresh, and wearing what she had described, a cobalt wool suit and a hat with a heart shape dip in the brim.”

In an interview, Berniece also dismissed the idea that her Marilyn’s cause of death was suicide.

She said: “It could have been an accident because I had just talked to her a short time before. “She told me what she had planned to do, she had just bought a new house and she was working on the curtains of the windows. She had so many things to look forward to and she was

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