Jaw-dropping new footage shows hundreds of schoolkids scream as ‘UFO’ appears in sky over football game English Headline

SCHOOLKIDS scream as a UFO looming overhead vanishes at lightning speed in hair-raising new footage.

The spectacle unfolded as hundreds gathered for a football game at North Point High School in Wentzville, Missouri.

Hundreds of school children gathered to watch a UFO in the sky while at a football game


Hundreds of school children gathered to watch a UFO in the sky while at a football gameCredit: Credit: Kora Gregory/Pen News

Alerted to something strange in the sky by murmurs from the crowd, Kora Gregory started filming and captured what happened next.

She said: “I came to notice it when I heard a few people saying things like, ‘what is that?’ and ‘do you see that?’

“A friend of mine I was with kept telling me it’s probably just a laser – and at first I was thought maybe it was.

“But that quickly changed to ‘oh my god, that’s not normal’ and I came to the conclusion that it was not a natural object.”

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In Kora’s video, a crowd – already vocal with excitement – is seen watching the strange, pale-blue presence in the skies.

Moments later, it shoots off into the distance, provoking screams as the school kids jump and point.

That night, Kora’s mom uploaded the video to Facebook and left jaws dropping.

“This is real. My son saw it and called me as soon as it happened,” commented one dad.

“I highly doubt hundreds of kids are hallucinating,” he added.
The clip then found its way to a Missouri community on Reddit, and ultimately to UFO watchers worldwide.

Various explanations have been ventured, including high-altitude ice crystals, spotlights, Venus and – of course – aliens.
Kora is stumped.

“As a possible explanation goes, I have none,” she said.

“We are in Missouri and have no air bases around my area.

“A lot of people have said that it is rockets, but rockets are definitely not being launched in my area, especially not near the suburbs.

“And I honestly don’t believe it could be a spotlight or a laser, or something like that. The movement and speed of it is not normal.

“I would possibly have more ideas if this UFO had some sort of sound that I heard, but this light in the sky was silent.”

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The teenager was even more awestruck to learn that her sister saw the same thing from home.

She said: “I doubted myself for a split second but after hearing that my sister saw the light in the sky from home go in the direction of my school, I couldn’t not believe what I was seeing was real.”

The video was shared on social media, immediately dropping jaws


The video was shared on social media, immediately dropping jawsCredit: Credit: Kora Gregory/Pen News

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