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The Judicial Conduct Commission found Friday that Circuit Judge Jamie Jameson of Marshall and Calloway counties is unfit for office and should be removed from the bench.

In a 70-page opinion and order, it also said Jameson, who is seeking re-election Tuesday, should be prohibited from serving another term.

The commission unanimously found he was guilty of a laundry list of ethics violations and failed in “every essential respect” to follow the rules for judges.

It said he engaged in “improper behavior on the bench, extremely poor judgment” and got involved in lobbying for issues “well outside the bounds of the constitutional role of a judge.”

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It said he repeatedly engaged in obstruction of justice and interfered in the commission’s investigation by ordering his staff not to comply with its subpoenas.

The commission found he personally pressured an attorney to file a bar complaint against another lawyer, draft a sworn statement on the judge’s behalf and improperly retaliated against a deputy sheriff whom he believed – with no evidence – had leaked videos.

He also abused his contempt powers, most egregiously, the commission said, in 2018. When a defendant’s probation was revoked by the judge, the defendant’s grandfather − a spectator in the courtroom − questioned aloud what he was to do with the defendant’s baby. The judge said if the grandfather could not care for the baby he should “turn it over to the state.”

As the defendant’s grandfather left the courtroom, he commented that the judge would not get his vote in the next election. Upon hearing this statement, Jameson immediately sentenced him to 180 days in jail and had him taken into custody.

The Courier Journal reported in July that Jameson, who first came to statewide attention when he illegally sealed the court file in the 2018 Marshall County High School shooting, had been slapped with 45 violations of the canons of judicial conduct.

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The complaint said he improperly started and supervised an ankle-monitoring company, using the proceeds to fund a drug-treatment program he spearheaded.

The commission, which reports to the Kentucky Supreme Court, said he also violated a rule that states a judge shall not serve as an officer, director, manager, general partner, advisor, or employee of any business entity.

The commission said in its finding Friday that some of Jameson’s conduct was motivated by idealism but that he had been warned earlier to “stay in his lane.”

The order removing him goes into effect in 10 days. It may be appealed to the Kentucky Supreme Court but experts said earlier this year that the court rarely overturns commission orders.

Neither Jameson nor his lawyer responded to emails sent to them Friday afternoon.

This article originally appeared on Louisville Courier Journal: Justice Jamie Jameson has been ordered removed from the bench

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