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SEVERAL questions remained unanswered as police investigated the death of the late Shannan Gilbert.

Shannan was once believed to be a victim of the mysterious Gilgo Beach killer, but police have since stated otherwise.

Shannan Gilbert's death remains a mystery, she was previously linked to the Long Island Serial Killer


Shannan Gilbert’s death remains a mystery, she was previously linked to the Long Island Serial Killer

Who was Shannan Gilbert?

Shannan Gilbert was a 23-year-old escort from Jersey City, New Jersey.

She was one of the women suspected to be murdered by the unidentified Gilgo Beach serial killer.

However, authorities have since said they believe her homicide is unrelated to the other women on the list of victims found in Gilgo Beach.

On May 13, 2022, never-before-seen audio of Shannan’s 911 call was released to the public.

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Regarding the late woman’s death and law enforcement’s investigation, her sister Sheree Gilbert told NBC4: ” I don’t believe it. I just feel like they’ve never cared…and I just feel like it’s a way to just confirm what they’ve always said.

“It’s disgusting. What’s the motive, what’s the agenda behind this?

“It doesn’t matter if people think that she’s a victim of the Long Island serial killer. Something happened to her that night.”

She added: “She was in fear for her life. She called 911. She was coherent enough to stay on a phone call for over 20 minutes.

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“She was coherent enough to knock on people’s doors. So that leads me to believe – why would she then go into the marsh? That to me just doesn’t make any sense.”

Shannan’s story was the basis of the March 2020 Netflix motion picture Lost Girls.

In Lost Girls, Shannan is portrayed by Sarah Wisser in the true crime movie that dives into the circumstances surrounding her case.

Mirroring real-life tragedy, her late mother Mari Gilbert is the film’s central figure in her daughter’s investigation as her portrayal is taken on by Only Murders in the Building alum Amy Ryan.

The investigation into Shannan's death led to the discovery of numerous other victims and bodies


The investigation into Shannan’s death led to the discovery of numerous other victims and bodiesCredit: Facebook

When did Shannan go missing?

On May 1, 2010, Shannan Gilbert went missing after placing three distressing 911 calls.

That Saturday morning approximately between 4am and 5am, she contacted the police in the midst of her visit with a Long Island client named Joseph Brewer.

While fleeing Brewer’s Oak Beach house, she repeatedly said to the 911 operator: “There’s somebody after me.”

As she escaped on foot, she pleaded with a number of the neighboring residents to help her.

In the audio released from her 911 calls, the victim can be heard saying she “feared for her life.”

Following her 911 call, investigators say Shannan ran off into the night as the Gilgo Beach marshes were supposedly where she met her demise.

Did the police find Shannan’s body?

On December 13, 2011, local authorities found Shannan’s lifeless body in the marshes of Gilgo Beach.

The discovery of her body led to a series of other corpses being uncovered and identified.

The bodies that were found belonged to other young women who were reported missing.

New York’s Suffolk County Police Department listed Shannan’s cause of death as a drowning accident.

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However, an independent autopsy conducted by outside officials revealed her cause of death may have been due to possible strangulation.

Although her tragedy was linked to the chain of unsolved Long Island serial homicides, law enforcement has since said that Shannan is no longer considered a victim of the unidentified Gilgo Beach killer.

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