Business leader suggests ‘raising Medicare levy’ to fund NDIS as costs blow out #Business #leader #suggests #raising #Medicare #levy #fund #NDIS #costs #blow #englishheadline


One of Australia’s most prominent business leaders has raised the possibility of increasing the Medicare levy to keep funding the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the controversial program to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Tony Shepherd is a former head of the Business Council of Australia and a former head of the commission of audit which has previously reported to the federal government on NDIS costs.

He told Englishheadline the NDIS is incredibly important but the federal budget is “not a magic pudding” and the money spent on the scheme has to be replenished somehow.

Mr Shepherd spoke exclusively to Englishheadline as part of an investigation into the latest cost blowout of the NDIS scheme – which is expected to cost around $100 billion a year in the next decade – dwarfing the annual budgets for defence, Medicare and aged pensions.

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