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A GRANDMA who is famous on TikTok has revealed her simple recipe for pizza that anybody can make.

The recipe requires only four ingredients and can be made for a fraction of the cost of takeout, she says.

This TikTok grandma has an option that is cheaper and more convenient than ordering takeout


This TikTok grandma has an option that is cheaper and more convenient than ordering takeoutCredit: TikTok/@brunchwithbabs
Babs calls this creation 'pizza casserole'


Babs calls this creation ‘pizza casserole’Credit: TikTok/@brunchwithbabs

Tiktoker @brunchwithbabs, known to her beloved viewers as simply Babs, shared how to make what she calls a pizza casserole.

“Don’t bother ordering takeout,” she said at the start of her video.

“Make this instead.”

She goes on to say: “Hi everybody it’s Babs. I’m making a four-ingredient dump-and-bake pizza casserole which you’re gonna love.”

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First, she dumps an entire box of elbow pasta into a casserole dish.

Then, Babs recommends adding a jar of your favorite marinara sauce to the dish.

Using a clear Pyrex measuring cup, Babs adds three cups of water.

This is what allows the pasta to fully cook in the oven.

“Next, cover with pepperoni slices. This is one of my grandkids’ favorites. And you wanna know something,” she leans in to whisper, “mine too!”

Babs then stirs the entire mixture together, combining the pepperoni slices with the saucy noodle mixture.

“Cover very tightly with foil and pop it in the oven,” she says.

After 25 minutes, Babs takes the casserole out of the oven.

“Top with shredded mozzarella, top with a few more pepperoni,” she instructed while putting the casserole back in until it began to bubble.

“Once the cheese is melted and it’s nice and bubbly, time to take it out of the oven.”

When it’s time to serve, Babs pulls away a fork full of noodles, the melty, gooey cheesy stretching from the serving spoon to the pan.

“Doesn’t that look yum-yum?” she asked her viewers.

The comments were split.

One viewer said: “Sorry, Babs, I already called Dominos.”

Another tried the recipe and swears by it, though they made one simple switch.

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They said: “Started making this all the time since you first posted. We love it! But I use chicken broth instead of water and it really ups the flavors.”

Still, whether you like what she made for dinner or not, true to her bio, Babs is “everyone’s grandmother.”

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