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A PREGNANT mother was kidnapped by a woman who planned to claim the unborn child as her own, according to court records.

Now, a Missouri couple is facing charges in the chilling death of expecting mom Ashley Bush and her unborn baby girl.

Ashley Bush, a mother of three, was 31 weeks pregnant when she was abducted and killed


Ashley Bush, a mother of three, was 31 weeks pregnant when she was abducted and killedCredit: Facebook
Amber Waterman reportedly used a fake Facebook under the name Lucy Barrows to lure Bush, claiming she had remote work and baby supplies for the pregnant woman


Amber Waterman reportedly used a fake Facebook under the name Lucy Barrows to lure Bush, claiming she had remote work and baby supplies for the pregnant womanCredit: McDonald County Sheriff’s Office

Amber and Jamie Waterman, both 42, have been charged in connection with the abduction and suspected murder of Bush.

Bush was 31 weeks pregnant at the time of her horrific death and was a mother of three.

Her fiancé and family are heartbroken as new details about the tragedy have emerged.


Amber Waterman has been charged with one count of kidnapping resulting in death, court documents show.

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The documents allege that she “unlawfully and willfully kidnap, abduct, carry away, and hold Ashley Bush, for the purpose and benefit of claiming Ashley Bush’s child as the (hers).”

Waterman also took her victim Bush across state lines from Arkansas to Missouri.

Jamie Waterman is charged with one count of being an accessory to this fatal kidnapping, the documents suggesting he aided Amber in the kidnapping and killing.

October 25, 2022: CATFISHING

On October 25, Amber Waterman allegedly created a fake Facebook under the name Lucy Barrows, News 5 reported.

The supposed intention of said account was so Amber could gain Bush’s trust and trap her so she could steal the mother’s unborn child.

Bush’s fiancé Josh Willis stated that the pregnancy had complications.

“With Ashley being pregnant, she has been having complications with this pregnancy and the doctor took her off work,” he said during the time she was still missing.

As a result, Bush began the hunt for remote work in a mommy Facebook group.

Just days after this account was created, on October 28, Bush and her fiancé met the fake “Lucy” at the public library.

It was during this meeting that Amber Waterman, under the guise “Lucy” mentioned to the couple that she was getting rid of baby supplies that might come in handy for their growing family.

Willis was reportedly apprehensive about the situation, as “Lucy” gave Bush a stack of paperwork and the company would contact her for additional screening.

As part of the hiring process, Bush was told she had to travel with Lucy to Bentonville, Arkansas to speak in person with the boss.

October 31, 2022: DISAPPERANCE

Willis reportedly dropped off his fiancé at a Handi-Mart in Maysville, Arkansas on Halloween morning to meet with Lucy.

At 3pm that afternoon, he went to pick up Bush, as he had gotten a text message from her that she was in Gravette.

He said of picking her up that day, “All I saw was her and the lady she rode with both pass me, neither one stopped, the driver looked at me and kept going,” according to News 5.

When trying to follow the truck, he got lost on the highway, and his family began frantically searching for the lost woman.

“We tried all night long texting her, calling her, trying to get her to answer.”

The family followed up with the company, who said there wasn’t a “Lucy” working there at all.

This same day, the family picked up the location via GPS services on Bush’s phone, which led them to a ditch roughly a half mile away from where he last saw his fiancee.

Arrest documents state that Amber Waterman told authorities she had been home all Halloween day with her own son and another child when she went into labor.

She called 911 and met an ambulance at a shop located in Missouri, later telling authorities that she gave birth to a stillborn child.

McDonald County Sheriff Evenson told KOAM that his team responded to a report of a newborn baby who was not taking in air that Monday evening.

While a medical helicopter was on standby, EMS reached Amber and the baby but were unable to revive the child.

BJ Goodwin, the McDonald County Coroner, was reportedly called to pick up the baby and take her to a funeral home in the area.

He stated that Amber allegedly had the placenta from the birth held in her pants when the medical services arrived, and this made Jamie believe she had truly delivered the child, News 5 reported.

Amber allegedly refused medical treatment, according to Goodwin, and the placenta was taken from Amber.

With his Coroner’s expertise, Goodwin speculated that it appeared the baby was “cut out” from the mother’s womb, according to the outlet.

November 1, 2022: QUESTIONING

November 1 was when the Watermans first underwent questioning from detectives, who searched their home and truck with permission from the couple.

The truck reportedly matched the description of the vehicle Bush was last witnessed alive in.

Detectives requested Amber’s phone, and she reportedly told them it had been lost.

She told investigators that she did not know Bush, and that she did know “Lucy Barrows” from working at Walmart, but they did not have a close relationship, the court records stated.

This same day, the Watermans traveled to the funeral home in order to construct a memorial for the baby to be conducted the following day.

Her remains would be cremated, according to Goodwin.

November 2, 2022: MEMORIAL SERVICE

A memorial service for the baby girl was scheduled for the afternoon of November 2.

That morning, the Benton County Coroner called Goodwin to request a DNA sample from the baby.

Coroner Goodwin was reluctant, saying that suspicion seemed “far-fetched,” and that the Watermans allegedly said Amber had suffered four miscarriages, so the whole ordeal made them “emotionally upset,” according to News 5.

He suspects that the couple tried to get rid of Bush’s body this same day.

Goodwin said: “They got cleaned up after burning and disposing of her body and showed up for a funeral.”

While the funeral itself, with less than twelve people in attendance, raised no suspicions, Goodwin claims it was for a “beautiful” baby and a show put on by a “cold-blooded killer” who was a “good actor.”

Benton County Coroner arrived at the conclusion of the memorial service to conduct an autopsy on the infant before cremation, which Goodwin alleges changed the couple’s entire attitude.

Amber reportedly asked multiple times if DNA tests would be included in the autopsy, and Jamie “got up and ran out of the funeral home” when he heard this would be the case, according to Goodwin.

The Watermans even decided on a name for the baby girl, calling her Dakota.

Goodwin called the entire ordeal: “Hands down craziest things I have ever dealt with as a coroner for 16 years.”

November 3, 2022: CONFESSION

The Waterman’s vehicle was seized from their residence with a warrant on November 3.

Investigators allegedly found blood inside the vehicle.

Jamie was also questioned on this day.

Court documents state Jamie confessed to detectives that Amber told him after the first time he was questioned on November 1 that she murdered Bush, and then rapidly amended her story to blame “Lucy” for the crime.

The records also state that Amber showed Jamie Bush’s corpse on November 1 and that the dead woman had been placed by a boat near their house and covered in a blue tarp.

After removing a ring from Bush’s finger, Amber allegedly rolled her body onto the tarp, and Jamie followed by dragging the remains to a fire pit behind their residence.

Reportedly, the couple burned the body, placed it in the bed of Jamie’s pickup truck and then drove down the road to hide Bush’s remains.

The Watermans were then arrested.

November 4, 2022: IN COURT

During their initial court appearance on November 4, the Watermans were given a public defender for their case.

A federal prosecutor instructed that they’d be held without bond until they were tried.

Booked into the Green County Missouri Jail on November 4, the couple is being held there for U.S. Marshals, according to the outlet.

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On November 9, the court hearing will take place, and they are held in federal custody in the interim.

Their cases will be prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys and were initially investigated by the FBI, and several local investigation bureaus.

Bush's body was allegedly placed near a boat by the Watermans' residence under a blue tarp


Bush’s body was allegedly placed near a boat by the Watermans’ residence under a blue tarpCredit: CBS 5
Jamie Waterman reportedly stated that he first learned of Bush's death on November 1 and helped Amber burn the body


Jamie Waterman reportedly stated that he first learned of Bush’s death on November 1 and helped Amber burn the bodyCredit: McDonald County Sheriff’s Office

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