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A HEARTBREAKING 911 call has revealed a terrified mom’s screams for help after her teen son was shot while waiting for the bus.

The family of James Scales Jr has sued the city of St Louis after he was killed for witnessing another murder.

James Scales Jr was shot while waiting for the school bus in September 2017


James Scales Jr was shot while waiting for the school bus in September 2017Credit: KMOV
Scales' mother called 911 when her son was shot


Scales’ mother called 911 when her son was shotCredit: KMOV
Keith Graham is one of four people who have been arrested in connection to Scales' murder


Keith Graham is one of four people who have been arrested in connection to Scales’ murderCredit: KMOV

Scales was shot on the morning of September 5, 2017.

“My son been shot up real bad,” Scales’ mom is heard saying on the 911 call, obtained by News 4.

“He’s not doing anything. It’s a lot of blood.

“My whole hallway is filled up with blood.”

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Scales’ family has claimed that his murder was planned inside of a city jail, News 4 reports.

The teen was the main witness in another murder case when he was killed.

Scales had witnessed a murder on December 26, 2016, and reported everything he saw to police.

But his family claimed that Scales didn’t receive certain protections from the city, including witness protection.

“My child is gone now when you could have prevented it,” Scales’ mom told News 4.

The family believes that Keith Graham – the man Scales was set to testify against, who had been arrested in the 2016 murder – planned Scales’ murder on jailhouse phones while he was being held.

Prosecutors told News 4 that Graham made calls to friends from jail, setting plans in motion to “hunt down and kill” Scales.

It’s also alleged that Graham set up a hit on Scales’ house through calls he made while in jail.

No one was hurt in that incident, but the Scales’ home was shot at.

“They killed him so he wouldn’t keep going to court telling what he knew, what he saw,” Scales’ mom said.

“They were supposed to keep him safe, that’s what they said, not to lose another life.”

Four people – Graham, William Pearson Jr., Terez Cook, and Devion Gordon – have been arrested in Scales’ murder, but none have been convicted.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner released a statement when the four were arrested in Scales’ murder.

“Witness and victim safety is one of my top priorities, as witness intimidation strikes at the heart of the justice system,” she said.

“When I took office, I stated that we were going to do more prosecutor-lead investigations in an effort to help reduce violent crime and build confidence in the criminal justice system.

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“The case we charged today is an excellent example of how valuable these types of investigations can be to public safety.

“My team of prosecutors have been working for months on this case with the assistance of the police department, and we believe we have the evidence we need to hold these four individuals accountable for their actions.”

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