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A former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police has slammed the Andrews government as the most “corrupt” he has ever seen.

Speaking to Peta Credlin for Englishheadline Australia’s ‘Cult of Daniel Andrews’ investigation, former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Kel Glare said Victorians deserved better.

This comes just a week after news Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission may be opening an unprecedented fifth investigation into the Andrews government.  

“We are entitled to have governments that are ethical, accountable, and competent, and I don’t think we have any of those things at the moment,” Mr Glare said.

“In my 84 years I’ve never seen a government as corrupt – and I make no apology for saying that. I believe there are a whole host of matters where they are seriously wanting in ethical standards.”

Under the Andrew government, Victoria made international headlines for for one of the world’s toughest and longest running COVID lockdowns.

During this time, Mr Andrews often refused to answer key questions from journalists at press conferences.

His government also presided over a hotel quarantine system that was linked to 801 deaths.

Mr Glare’s comments were echoed by prominent Melbourne Lawyer and Businessman Francis Galbally, who warned that Mr Andrews was undermining the separation of powers – a fundamental tenant of our democratic process.

“What Dan Andrews has done, and very smart he is doing this, over a period of 8 years he has consolidated power. He has all the institutions in his pocket,” Mr Galbally said.

“He has the police now, because his friend Brett Curran, who worked for him for many years, is now deputy commissioner. And that should never have occurred.”

As Credlin explained, Brett Curran was an insider in the premier’s private office and was then appointed as the assistant commissioner at Victoria Police.

Credlin also highlighted the appointments of long time Andrews confidant and former Labor staffer Colin Radford as chief executive of Worksafe Victoria, and former Labor Minister Bob Cameron as the organisation’s chair.

‘The Cult of Daniel Andrews’ investigation also highlighted allegations of corruption made in a sworn affidavit addressed to IBAC.

The 29-page document from a senior Victoria Police detective alleges that the police investigation into the red shirts matter was interfered with, obstructed and prevented, by senior police high up in police command.

The Red Shirts rorts involved the Andrews government illegally using taxpayer funds to pay staff to campaign for the Labor during the 2014 election.

When releasing his findings IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich KC said responsibility lay with party leaders.

“The unethical culture that was such a feature of this investigation, whether as an explanation or excuse for bad conduct, lies at its heart,” Mr Redlich said.

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