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A SIMPLE trick can elevate your living space and disguise your washing machine when you entertain guests.

Large appliances can be eye sores, but one woman has shared her hack for hiding her washer to make her laundry room more appealing.

A TikToker has revealed a hack for hiding your washing machine


A TikToker has revealed a hack for hiding your washing machineCredit: TikTok/@ourneutralground_
It takes seconds using a curtain


It takes seconds using a curtainCredit: TikTok/@ourneutralground_

In a TikTok video, the homemaker – who uses the handle @ourneutralground_ – shares how she designed and hung her washing machine curtain.

First, she measured the space then multiplied by 1.5 to ensure that there was extra fabric to achieve a gathered look.

Then, she hemmed the top by hand stitching, but left both ends open to feed the curtain wire through.

Next, she added the curtain wire, which she purchased from Amazon.

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She recommends cutting it slightly shorter than the space requires so the curtain pulls tight.

Then, she screwed hooks into the underside of the worktop housing her washing machine and attached the curtain wire.

The hack is designed for laundry rooms with a worktop and a washing machine underneath.

It can also work if your washer is in your kitchen.

However, adding a curtain to your laundry room to hide your washing machine is possible in nearly any appliance arrangement.

While not everyone agreed with the need for a curtain, some were intrigued by the idea.

“I love kitchen skirts been trying to convince my partner to let me make one lol!” one TikToker commented.

“this is so neat. i wonder if those little commnd strip hooks would work to attach it,” wrote another.

“Looks so lovely,” someone else chimed in.

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Some TikTokers worried about how the curtain may contribute to mold growing in the washer since it cuts off air flow to the machine.

Others felt that the addition of a curtain drew more attention to the washer.

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