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A MAJOR breakthrough has been revealed in the case of Harmony Montgomery days before her dad faces a hearing in the murder of his young daughter.

Harmony’s stepmother Kayla Montgomery pleaded guilty to two felony counts of perjury on Friday after lying to a New Hampshire grand jury.

Kayla Montgomery was sentenced on Friday for perjury


Kayla Montgomery was sentenced on Friday for perjuryCredit: AP
Harmony's dad Adam Montgomery was booked last month in connection to the murder of his child


Harmony’s dad Adam Montgomery was booked last month in connection to the murder of his childCredit: The Mega Agency
Harmony has been missing since 2019


Harmony has been missing since 2019
Kayla may have to testify against her husband Adam, seen in interrogation video, as a result of the plea


Kayla may have to testify against her husband Adam, seen in interrogation video, as a result of the plea

As part of her plea deal, Kayla has agreed to cooperate in state proceedings, which could include testifying in husband Adam Montgomery’s murder trial.

Kayla lied about when and where she was when Harmony was last seen in November 2019, prosecutors said.

She was sentenced to three-and-a-half to seven years in a New Hampshire state prison as a result of her plea.

Kayla has already served 197 days, for which she will be credited.

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Five years of her sentence will be suspended as part of the agreement, as long as she doesn’t break the terms.

“Obviously, she would like to not have to do any jail time, but she recognized the situation she was in,” said defense attorney Paul Garrity.

“She recognized the state’s perspective, and she struck what she thought was a fair deal for herself.”

She must pay a $4,000 fine and cooperate in proceedings against Adam, who is due in court on November 22, according to Yahoo News,

Manchester police began an investigation into the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery in December of 2021.

However, police discovered that Harmony was last seen in November in 2019, when she was living with dad Adam and Kayla.

According to prosecutors, Kayla told detectives that she had last seen Harmony two days after Thanksgiving in 2019.

The same day, she allegedly told police that Adam dropped her off for her 6am to 2pm shift at Dunkin Donuts.

Kayla claimed to officers that when Adam dropped her off, he told her he was bringing Harmony to the girl’s mother.

She told police that she did not see Harmony again, according to prosecutors.

Police determined that Kayla hadn’t worked at a Goffstown Dunkin’ Donuts since September 2019, it was revealed in court.

She appeared before a grand jury in May of 2022.

Kayla told the grand jury the same story she told police – that she was working at Dunkin, and Adam dropped her off before supposedly taking Harmony to her mother’s home.

She was advised at the hearing that there were no records of her working at Dunkin that day, and she still continued to repeat the same testimony, according to prosecutors.


During a June 3 interview, Kayla told police that Adam murdered his daughter Harmony in December 2019.

He allegedly told her to lie about what happened, according to court documents reviewed by The U.S. Sun.

Kayla said Adam “encouraged her on multiple occasions to lie to police about Harmony’s whereabouts, basically using Kayla as a ‘cover story.'”

He told her “that as long as she stuck to the cover story everything would be OK,” the court documents state.

Adam allegedly beat Harmony – who was five at the time – to death “with a closed fist,” and “purposely altered, destroyed, concealed or removed” the little girl’s body and hid it, according to the charges.


As The U.S. Sun has reported, Adam asked for a cigarette and remained defiant during a January 4 questioning for allegedly assaulting his daughter in 2019 while they lived in their Manchester, New Hampshire home.

After Adam asked why he was being charged with second-degree assault, the detective said: “Well, your daughter had some injuries that you know about when you lived in Gilford Street,” according to court documents reviewed by The U.S. Sun.

The following exchange ensued.

Adam: “No, I do not. What are you referring to?”

Detective: “Well you were there. I wasn’t, right?

Adam: “What are you referring to?”

Detective: “I’m referring to her (Harmony) having some good marks.”

Adam: “What are you referring to?”

Detective: “Marks that were left on her by you.”

Adam: “Absolutely not. I have nothing else to (say) you.”

“After his last statement, the defendant (Adam) sat hunched forward with his arms crossed, avoiding eye contact,” court documents say.

After about 15 seconds of silence, he accused police of “being out of line” and told detectives: “I have nothing to explain.”

The interview continued for about 12 more minutes before Adam had enough, according to court documents.

“You know what, man, like I don’t even want to talk anymore. Like this is just beating around the bush. It just seems a little too silly to me,” Adam is quoted as saying in documents.

“After a short pause, the defendant asked for a cigarette and then mentioned again how he felt the conversation was pointless,” the documents say.

Adam was charged with second-degree murder, falsifying physical evidence, abuse of a corpse, and witness tampering, among other charges.

State Attorney General John Formella announced that Adam allegedly “purposely altered, destroyed, concealed or removed” the body of Harmony sometime between December 2019 and March 2020.


The U.S. Sun obtained bodycam video from responding officers showing multiple angles of an interaction they had with Adam.

At one point, Adam could be seen being cuffed by cops while police searched his pockets and held onto his arm.

Officers explained that he wasn’t being arrested at this time and that the cuffs were for their protection, while Adam appeared to remain calm and smoked his cigarette.

After their search, the cuffs were removed and they told him “detectives were coming to talk to him.”

Adam told officers: “Isn’t this overboard to have all the police for one person? I was walking.”

During the interaction, police took his phone but Adam claimed it wasn’t his, insisting it was “his friend’s.”

Toward the end of the footage, Adam is seen being pulled aside by one of the detectives and out of range to hear what was being said.

The detective then gave him a packet of papers and he nodded his head before the footage ended.


At the time of the January 4 interrogation, which Adam’s defense team tried to suppress, he was facing a charge of interference with custody and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Adam’s brother, Michael, told police that the 31-year-old was physically abusive to Harmony and gave her a black eye.

A detective then spoke to Adam’s Uncle Kevin and asked him about Harmony’s eye injury.

According to court documents, Kevin said that Adam told him in July 2019 that he, Adam, “bashed her [Harmony] around the house.”

Adam was allegedly angry at Harmony – who was five years old at the time – because she was supposed to be watching her infant brother but he started crying, which enraged the father.

The uncle also said Adam spanked his daughter, forced her to stand in the corner for hours, and ordered her to scrub a toilet with her toothbrush.


Harmony was last seen alive in October 2019. However, police were not aware of her disappearance until after Christmas in 2021.

According to records by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Harmony bounced between her mother’s care and DCF for much of her young life.

The girl was placed in her father’s custody in 2019, when she was roughly five years old.

Harmony was living in squatter-like conditions at a messy home where neighbors reported multiple fights and possible child abuse, according to police reports obtained by The U.S. Sun through records requests.

Officers responded to the home at least 16 times between January 2019 and January 2020, according to the police reports.

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There were verbal bouts between Adam and Kayla, fights between Adam and Harmony’s uncle, “messy” home conditions, and concerns of child and animal abuse, the police reports from August 5, 2019, said.

Police and New Hampshire Department for Children, Youth and Families, which Harmony’s biological mother ripped for not protecting her daughter, responded.

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