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HER murder case has finally been solved after decades of uncertainty.

Annette Schnee was killed at the age of 21.

Annette Schnee prior to her murder on January 6, 1982


Annette Schnee prior to her murder on January 6, 1982Credit: Colorado District Attorneys Council

Who was Annette Schnee and what happened to her?

Annette was a housekeeper at a Colorado Holiday Inn.

She went missing on January 6, 1982, in Breckenridge, Colorado.

As reported by CBS News, she was hitchhiking after picking up medicine at a drugstore.

Before stopping for medication, she left work and went to the doctor.

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Her body was found almost six months later on July 3, 1982, by a boy who was fishing.

Annette had been shot to death.

Who else went missing on the same day as Annette Schnee?

29-year-old Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer went missing on the same day and in the same town as Annette.

Her body was found in a snowbank on January 7, 1982.

Like Annette, she had been shot to death.

Once Annette’s body was found, police strongly believed the two disappearances and murders were connected.

Annette was wearing a single orange sock — the matching one having been found near Bobbie Jo’s body.

Police initially had suspicions about Bobbie Jo’s husband, Jeff Oberholtzer, as he had ties to both victims.

As reported by 9News, Jeff’s business card was found in Annette’s pocket.

However, he was later cleared as a suspect due to DNA testing.

Who killed Anette Schnee?

This case remained unsolved for years until coming to a close in November 2022.

On November 7, 2022, Alan Phillips was convicted of the murders of Annette and Bobbie Jo.

Alan Lee Phillips on February 24, 2021


Alan Lee Phillips on February 24, 2021Credit: Park County Sheriff’s Office via AP

He was charged with two life sentences.

According to the Park County Sheriff’s office, Alan was arrested in February 2021 after DNA testing connected him to the disappearances and murders of the two women.

In a press release, the Colorado District Attorney’s Council (CDAC), said: “The Schnee family hired Charlie McCormick who worked on it for decades and eventually he heard about United Data Connect, a
forensic science company specializing in DNA work.”

The Council continued: “Once involved, United Data Connect was able to extract DNA from some of the case evidence and match it through genealogy to two brothers. Only one of them, Alan Phillips, had lived in Colorado.”

The press release then states: “Investigators tested a DNA sample from some of his garbage and determined that he was a match.”

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According to CBS News, Phillips intends to appeal his conviction.

He stated that the DNA evidence used to help charge him in the case was contaminated and mishandled.

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