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UKRAINE could reach Crimea by Christmas and end the war by next spring, according to Kyiv.

Retired major general Volodymyr Havrylov said it is “only a matter of time” before Ukraine recaptures Crimea after Putin illegally seized the territory back in 2014.

Putin's war could be over by next spring, according to retired major general Volodymyr Havrylov


Putin’s war could be over by next spring, according to retired major general Volodymyr HavrylovCredit: AFP
Russia has suffered setbacks in recent weeks, including the liberation of Kherson


Russia has suffered setbacks in recent weeks, including the liberation of KhersonCredit: Getty


He told Englishheadline: “Of course, we would like to make it sooner than later.”

Havrylov said Ukraine’s aim to retake Crimea could be helped by a “black swan” event in Russia, such as an unexpected, drastic political change.

He said it was “possible” Ukrainian forces could be back in Crimea by the end of year without such an event, however.

Havrylov said he also believes the war could be wrapped up shortly after the year anniversary in February.

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He added: “Of course, in this case, the war will take some time.

“But my feeling is that by the end of the spring, this war will be over.”

Havrylov also dismissed the idea of peace talks with Moscow, saying it would only happen if Russian troops gave up all Ukrainian territory – including Crimea.

He said: “There is a decision inside the society in Ukraine that we are going up to the end.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of scenario is on the table.

“People paid a lot of blood, a lot of efforts to what we have already achieved.

Meanwhile, Andriy Yermak, who heads the Ukrainian presidential office, also hinted at a military campaign in Crimea as he said “I’m sure” it will happen.

He stopped short at confirming a date for its start, however.

An ex-US General previously said Ukraine could retake Crimea in a two-pronged blitz.

It comes as Russia continues to suffer humiliating setbacks in Ukraine – including the loss of Kherson this month.

The key area was the only regional capital Putin’s troops had managed to capture.

Kyiv’s forces triumphantly swept into Kherson, a strategically important city seized by Putin’s forces after they invaded Ukraine at the beginning of the war.

But Volodymyr Zelensky’s soldiers liberated the city earlier this month – jubilantly raising a flag to mark their success.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made a surprise trip to Ukraine to meet Zelensky.

The PM was pictured shaking hands with the president, who praised Britain’s help in fighting the Russians.

Mr Sunak announced the UK was to provide Ukraine with £50 million worth of weapons, including anti-aircraft guns to shoot down Russian drones.

Damage after Russian retreat from Kherson


Damage after Russian retreat from KhersonCredit: Getty

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