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Liberal Candidate Renee Heath says the attacks against her are “outrageous” as she sets the record straight on what she actually believes. 

Ms Heath has been preselected as the lead candidate for the Coalition in the upper house region of Eastern Victoria but has come under fire after a joint investigation by The Age and the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes. 

Speaking to Andrew Bolt on Englishheadline Australia, Ms Heath said it was absurd she was being held to account for accusations against her father’s church, including the views of a pastor in Malaysia. 

“Apparently this investigation went on for about 2 months – maybe even longer – and they haven’t found a thing about me, and yet still the onslaught and the attack have just been incredible,” Ms Heath said. 

“What am I guilty for? I have not said these things. None of these things that are so offensive, apparently, have come from me.”  

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The joint investigation centred on controversial views held by individuals associated with the City Builders Church – including her father, a pastor at the church, who is alleged to have promoted gay conversion therapy. 

Asked about her own views, Ms Heath was unequivocal. 

“I do not believe in gay conversation therapy,” she said.

“In fact the reason I am a Liberal is I believe in the right of every single individual to live life according to their conscience, their values, without influence from the government.

“That is regardless of sexuality, age, gender, but also faith and religion.”

Asked about how her Christian views had influenced her politics, Ms Heath said she didn’t see herself as any different to any other politician who has a world view which has been shaped by their experience. 

“My Christianity and my faith is deeply personal, its got nothing to do with anybody else, it’s got nothing to do with the state,” Ms Heath said.

“There is a separation of church and state for a reason.”

“They have completely different jobs, they have completely different roles, and the way I see it is that people are maybe trying to drill down to what I believe.”

Ms Heath made a point of saying her fight was not with the Liberal Party or Matthew Guy, despite the opposition leader releasing a statement on Saturday saying she would not be allowed to sit in the Liberal Partyroom after the election. 

However this may not be up to Mr Guy, as The Australian’s Associate Editor John Ferguson made clear on Englishheadline Australia’s Credlin program. 

“I’ve been told categorically that she will be in the party room after the election,” Mr Ferguson said.

“That basically Matthew Guy won’t get his way and that there is really strong support for Heath”.

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