‘A referendum on the most power hungry premier in living memory’: Peta Credlin reminds Victorians what’s at stake this election #referendum #power #hungry #premier #living #memory #Peta #Credlin #reminds #Victorians #whats #stake #election #englishheadline


Peta Credlin has laid out the choice facing Victorian voters, declaring the election a referendum on one man: Premier Daniel Andrews. 

In a fiery start to her Englishheadline program, Ms Credlin called on voters to put aside their usual political loyalties and send a “loud and clear” message to Daniel Andrews and the Labor government. 

“Tomorrow’s Victorian election really does matter,” Ms Credlin said.

“It’s a referendum on the most power hungry premier in living memory, and the most inept and ethically challenged government in the county.”

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Central to Ms Credlin’s claims were the policies Victorian’s experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Under Daniel Andrews, Melbourne became the world’s most locked down city – with curfews, road blocks, identity checks, riot police using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protestors, and a pregnant woman arrested in front of her children over a Facebook post,” she said.

“801 people died because the Victorian government used dodgy private security guards to run hotel quarantine, but a judicial inquiry set up to fail, couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone, so no one was actually held responsible for the fateful decision – certainly not the Premier himself.”

“Nor could WorkSafe Victoria, run by a former Labor staffer and chaired by a Labor mate, find anyone to blame for hundreds of lives lost.”

Ms Credlin also drew attention to allegations of corruption that dogged the campaign, with the Andrews government now having been linked to five separate investigations by Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Corruption inquiries find fault everywhere – including with his Labor Party and his own government – but somehow no one ever loses their job,” Ms Credlin  said.

“In Daniel Andrews’ Victoria, the Premier’s wife isn’t breathalysed after a serious car accident, nor is the smashed-up car impounded. Instead the Premier is allowed to drive it away from the scene of the accident.”

Ms Credlin also cited the comments of former Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Kel Glare, who earlier this month said he’d “never seen a government as corrupt” as the current Andrews government. 

Also in Ms Credlin’s crosshairs was the premier’s record on infrastructure and the economy. 

“Yes, 67 level crossings may have been eliminated, but nearly every big project is way over budget and way behind schedule, the public service is bloated and still working from home, with the Ombudsman now investigating just how political they’ve become,” she said.

“Economically, the standard of living of Victorians is falling behind other states and Victoria’s debt is set to overtake that of NSW, Queensland and Tasmania combined.”

Concluding her remarks, Ms Credlin pleaded with Victorians to put aside their usual political allegiances, explaining that this election is not a choice between left and right, but between right and wrong.  

“We can let the world know whether Daniel Andrews is the standard we walk by; or we can show that we’re better than that,” Ms Credlin said.

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