Liberal Party figures reflect on ‘profoundly disappointing’ election loss in Victoria as Daniel Andrews wins third term as premier #Liberal #Party #figures #reflect #profoundly #disappointing #election #loss #Victoria #Daniel #Andrews #wins #term #premier #englishheadline


Former Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger has described the Coalition’s third consecutive election loss in the state as “profoundly disappointing”. 

Mr Kroger made the remarks as Englishheadline Australia called Saturday’s Victorian election a win for Labor. 

“As much as it pains me to say, there isn’t any evidence we can get to government ourselves,” he said on Englishheadline Australia’s Victoria Votes coverage. 

“The only question is do they get a majority or minority government.

“On balance they’re going to hold government by a majority at this stage I think. That’s a profoundly disappointing result all round.”

Mr Kroger said as the early numbers came in, it was clear the Liberals were struggling in key electorates they needed to win from Labor.  

“The early figures are uniform across the place, and that’s what’s disappointing, not to pick up those seats around Hawthorn… Ashwood, Ringwood.    

“The seats… we needed for Matthew to win, we’re not going to win any of those on these figures.”   

More to come. 

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