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THE View host Joy Behar has been forced to apologize on Tuesday for a statement she made on the show the previous day.

Whoopi Goldberg has had to halt the show from continuing until Joy corrected the comment she’d made.


Credit: ABC


Credit: ABC

At the very start of the show on Tuesday, Whoopi Goldberg quickly tossed it over to her co-host.

The moderator said: “Welcome to The View. Before we get to Hot Topics, Joy, you want to clarify something?”

The comedian, 80, began: “Yeah, I have to clarify something I said yesterday. 

“I want to correct something I said on air when I stated that People of Praise had been deemed a hate group. I just got them mixed up with another group.”

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Joy continued: “It was inaccurate…So, I have to say sorry about that. It was just, I conflated them.”

“Ah, ok,” Whoopi responded, before going on to assure her that “that happens” sometimes.

The actress added: “It’s easy to do. You know, sometimes I call Joy, Sara [Haines].”

Sara put her arm around Joy and jumped in to joke: “Because we look so much alike.”

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Whoopi teasingly agreed: “Because you look identical to each other.”

With the apology done, the moderator quickly moved on to the first Hot Topic of the day, which featured Will Smith’s latest interview about his infamous Oscars slap.

Aside from apparently sharing an incorrect statement during Monday’s show, Joy also had other issues during that broadcast.

At the top of the program, the host, who filled in as moderator that day due to Whoopi’s absence, had technical troubles.

The 8-year-old was left red-faced when her ringtone began blaring out.

Joy snapped for help, telling Sara: “Oh my God. Turn it off! Stop it!”

As the cheery music continued to ring through The View studio, Joy asked: “And why does Siri talk to me in the middle of nowhere?”

Sara waved the cell in Joy’s face for facial recognition so she could open the phone, demanding: “I need your face.”

Sunny, 54, looked fed up as she walked over and tried to help Sara.

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Taking matters into her own hands, she then took the phone and stalked off the set.

Looking flustered, Joy grinned and tried to get the show back on track.


Credit: ABC


Credit: ABC

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