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Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has defended a government report showing the devastating impacts of coal-fired power plant closures.

Englishheadline Australia has obtained a report detailing the forecast effects of the closure of coal mines and power plants in the New South Wales Hunter region.

The report, titled Estimated Impacts of CFPS and Associated Coal-Mine Closures, shows an expected loss of 520 and 268 direct and indirect jobs which would represent a regional unemployment rate of 6.7 per cent.

Mr Dreyfus said the loss of jobs was to be expected when industries close.

“The whole world is in an energy transition, we are moving towards renewables, we are moving towards a high level of renewable energy in the Australian energy sector,” he said.

“And we have to because that’s what needs to happen to deal with damaging carbon emissions that we need to take out of the atmosphere to deal with climate change.

“We are right in a long-term transition away from coal towards more renewable energy. There’s going to be an ongoing debate for decades to come about how we can make this energy transition.”

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