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BECOMING a welder in the US can be a lucrative job – but there is a catch.

Once a prized job, being a welder in the US comes with its own challenges.

Welders earn an average of $44,285 a year


Welders earn an average of $44,285 a yearCredit: Getty

How much do welders get paid in the US?

According to, welders in the US earn $20.80 an hour on average.

At the lowest, they earn $14.84 and at the highest, $29.15.

The average monthly take home salary is $3,135, making the yearly total $44,285.

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What does a welder do?

A welder is responsible for cutting, joining and shaping metal plate, pipework and composite materials.

They can work in several industries including in the aerospace, construction and civil engineering industries.

They can also work as contractors or as freelancers.

The job can be particularly lucrative if you own your own business.

How do I become a welder?

To become a welder, you’ll need to have a qualification.

You could take a welding qualification at college before applying for a job as a trainee welder.

You can also take specialist courses run by private training companies.

You’ll need the minimum educational qualifications to apply.

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