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A WOMAN has revealed her 13 hacks for a youthful appearance that keep her glowing after age 40.

Most of the products you probably already have, you just need to use them in key ways to keep looking great.

Just a few simple tricks in your beauty routine can help channel your most youthful look, right in time for the holiday season


Just a few simple tricks in your beauty routine can help channel your most youthful look, right in time for the holiday season

The season for holiday parties is upon us and many are excited to dress up and look their best.

First for Women laid out 13 hair and skin beauty hacks for women over 40 to take advantage of this winter.

There are a few essential beauty and self-care hacks that can help anyone look great and feel even better.


If you’ve got grays peeking in, they can be colored in a pinch.

I’m a skincare expert - here’s 8 hacks to help smooth your skin
Three easy ways to make your face look thinner when doing your hair

Kendall Dorsey, a stylist who has done the sacred locks of Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland, suggests busting open your eyeshadow palette to banish grays.

Take a matte color from your palette that best matches your hair and dip a shadow brush in it.

Brush the color over any grays that are visible in your hairstyle and use hair spray to make the temporary color fix stay put.

“The shadow’s fine, powdery texture creates a natural and seamless cover that masks grays instantly,” Dorsey said.

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Tightening up facial skin can be easy and cheap.

Amber Rose Johnson, aesthetician and founder of Facial Lounge, recommends a cold-spoon massage, First for Women wrote.

Place two spoons in the freezer and wait for them to get nice and cold.

Remove them and set the back of each spoon on either side of your neck’s base.

Move the spoons in quick upward strokes toward your chin.

Use another minute of the cold spoon time to rub them along your jawline.

Johnson said: “The massage improves circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage, which pushes stagnant fluids away from the jawline.”

The cold temp also acts as an instant skin tightener.


Makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff has served clients like Taraji P. Henson and Sharon Stone, according to First for Women.

She advises that a three-inch piece of Scotch tape below the eyes’ outer corners at an upwards angle as an eyeliner guide can be the perfect way to lift the look of droopy lids.

Simply draw the liner on the top lash line and trace along the tape for a consistent and precise wing on both eyes.


Believe it or not, soap can help give your brows a fuller look.

Before using a pencil to fill in brow bald spots, drag a brow brush across a bar of soap and then float it through your brows in the same direction that hair grows.

Then fill in your brows with pencil.

The glycerin in the soap will act as a thickener that will give your brows some natural va-va-voom.


Daniel Koye, a hairstylist who has worked on legends like Susan Lucci and Vanessa Williams, believes in adding a bit of mousse to blow-dried hair.

Just a bit of mouse will add volume already, so just brush your hair to one side and blow-dry for three straight minutes.

Then style your hair accordingly and use dry shampoo to finish.

The directional drying and dry shampoo allow strands to defy gravity.


Giving your hands the flashiest treatment keeps the eye away from imperfections you may not want seen.

Celebrity nail stylist Julie Kandalec swears by a glittering tip on a French manicure.

Light bounces onto the skin from the nails and charms away the look of creases and wrinkles.

If you can’t skip to the salon for this look, get some light pink polish for the base of your nails, then place a Band-Aid long-wise down the nail, so the curve can create a shapely tip.

Paint glittery ends onto the nails and wait for them to dry.

Seal with a top coat and keep smiling and looking at your gorgeous, magical hands.


An easy way to get longer, thicker, fuller lashes without any new products involves swiping your mascara in three different directions.

“I call this trick the ‘Uptown, Downtown, and Crosstown,” Ashunta Sheriff said.

One stroke from the base of the lashes to the ends, then another from the ends to the eyelid will have your lashes covered both ways.

Finally, do one horizontal stroke of the mascara wand, sideways working your way to the end.

Your lashes will have a falsies effect after this.


If you’re sick of your thighs rubbing together under your dress, you aren’t alone.

The Chub Rub Patch has you covered.

Just stick it on your thighs before slipping on your favorite party gown.


You can dance all night long without sweat stains thanks to Dandi Pads.

Stick them under your arms just in time for the DJ to play this year’s Spotify Wrap-Up.

Your clothes will thank you for not leaving behind yellow sweat stains.


A holiday dress needs a shiny pair of new shoes, but fresh fashion can be painful.

Ballotte Heel Grips have you covered.

Cushy inserts made of gel protect the heel area inside of your shoes to stop the formation of blisters, helping your feet look and feel pretty!


If your pearly whites are rocking some minor stains, there’s a paint for that.

CHROM Toothpolish in Ultra White is a non-toxic formula that goes right over the surface of the teeth.

Though you can’t taste it, the layer of white over the teeth lasts up to 24 hours.


You can use the power of the color wheel to get your whitest teeth yet.

Purple is opposite to yellow, so the violet-shaded Hismile V34 Colour Corrector Serum provides pigments that neutralize yellow shades on the teeth into white.

You can brush it right onto your chompers and rinse just like toothpaste.


The heaviest tooth stains can be lifted with a combo of hydrogen-peroxide for teeth and a blue light.

A White Glo Blue Light Teeth Whitening Accelerator Kit fights stains from deep inside the teeth.

Just fill the tray with the included gel, and blast with the miraculous blue light for 10 minutes.

Don’t be surprised if it makes you smile more.

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